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In a world with tightening budgets, higher education institutions are coming under growing pressure to get the most out of their marketing budgets as they seek to meet ambitious student recruitment targets. Why then do so many universities and colleges put ICEF at the core of their student recruitment strategies?

We pride ourselves on the unique quality and reach we offer educators thanks to our unmatched agent network and would love to show you the value we can bring to your recruitment efforts. We insist on the highest standards and the rigorous vetting process that we apply to all student recruitment agents that attend our events is a key reason why education providers value ICEF.

Impact on student recruitment numbers

Whatever your ambition, ICEF events help you meet quality recruitment agents with a demonstrated track record of successful student placement. Offering an immediate and effective network, the relationships forged at our events rapidly pay dividends and often grow over time into strong, productive partnerships.

Student diversity & penetration of new markets

Bringing expert local knowledge, the vetted student recruitment agents we work with provide a ready-made recruitment network, able to help your institution scale rapidly in new markets, identify emerging growth opportunities and achieve challenging recruitment targets.

Return on investment

We ensure that our networking solutions stand out as being cost-effective and time-efficient to help you identify trusted student recruitment partners within the international education industry. Although there are other channels available to student recruitment professionals, we hear time after time that our networking events with education agents are unmatched in their ability to help forge and refresh connections, and stand out as the clear winners when compared against other available tools.

Strategic impact

Combining expert local knowledge, demonstrable performance and a compelling return, it’s no surprise that working with ICEF-screened agents has rapidly become central to the recruitment strategies of many of our partner higher education institutions.

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