Introduction to International Education Course (IIEC)

An entry-level course that provides a comprehensive overview of international education systems, recruitment channels and career opportunities in international education.
ABOUT THE COURSE Building Your Career in International Education: An Essential Guide to the Industry

International education provides a unique platform where students can embrace cultural differences and similarities while enhancing their learning experience. As globalisation fuels increased student mobility, there is a growing demand for professionals who have the requisite training, skillset and outlook to work in international settings. 

Whether you are new to the industry, seeking to understand your role better or aiming to transition into a field that is at the heart of global development, the Introduction to International Education Course (IIEC) will equip you to distinguish between various recruitment channels to make strategically informed choices in your role within an institution’s international offices, admissions, student support, accommodations or marketing departments.


Course overview

  • What The Introduction to International Education Course is a foundational, self-paced online programme that offers insights into the international student journey and stakeholders involved at every stage.
  • Why Through this course, you can enhance your ability to support international students in their journey whilst gaining a clearer understanding of your role as an industry newcomer.
  • Who The course is designed for non-agents who are closely involved in supporting international student recruitment within educational institutions.


When you take this course you’ll learn all about:

  • Recognising and better supporting the unique needs and preferences of international students.

  • Explore emerging challenges as opportunities to enhance student support and prepare for future developments in the field.

  • Building student-centric approaches in your professional role.

  • Identifying essential legal, ethical, and quality standards to guide best practices in your international education strategy.

How do I enrol into the Introduction to International Education Course?

To enrol into the course, you must create an ICEF Academy account by clicking the ‘Register’ button on the top right hand side of the page and filling in the required details. You can then add the course to your cart and proceed to checkout.

What is included in the course fee?

The charge to take the Introduction to International Education Course (IIEC) is €149. This fee is inclusive of all course content, the final exam, a shareable digital certificate and a digital badge. You will also be listed in the course graduate directory.

How much time do I need to invest to complete the course?

The Introduction to International Education Course is a short, self-paced programme, giving you the flexibility to complete it according to your schedule. On average, course participants take 3-4 hours to complete the programme. However, the duration may vary depending on the time you dedicate to exploring specific topics.

Are there any prerequisites to take the IIEC?

English proficiency equivalent to an IELTS score of 5.0 (TOEFL iBT 35 minimum) is advisable for course participants with English as a second language, since the course content is in English. Getting the final certification does not require participation at an ICEF event.

I am an aspiring student counsellor/education agent. Can I take the course?

The IIEC has been exclusively designed for non-agents. If you are a student counsellor or education agent who is new to the industry, you can take our foundational ICEF Agent Training Course (IATC) to gain a deeper understanding of the international education sector.

Do I need to pay an additional fee to take the IIEC certification exam?

No. The Introduction to International Education Course (IIEC) exam is the final section of the online course. There is no extra fee to access the exam.

When will I receive my exam results and what is the passing score?

You will receive your exam results as soon as you complete the test and submit it. The passing score for the IIEC exam is 80%, which means you need 20 correct answers to receive your shareable course certificate.

When will I receive my IIEC certificate and badge?

If you have completed all course modules, and have scored 80% or above in the final assessment, you will receive your IIEC certificate and badge via email within 2 to 7 business days.

I want to give some feedback regarding the course. Who can I contact?

If you wish to provide feedback about the course, please contact us at

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