Ireland Education Agent Course Exam


If you have completed the Ireland Education Agent Course (IEAC), you can take the exam to become a qualified Ireland Course Graduate (ICG).



A Ireland Course Graduate (ICG) qualification opens up student recruitment to a market renowned for high-quality education in one of the world’s most beautiful destinations. If you have studied the Ireland Education Agent Course (IEAC) you are eligible to take this exam. Upon successful completion, you will receive the ICG certificate.

How to take the IEAC exam

The IEAC formal test is an online exam. You will sit the exam under the supervision of a web camera. We advise that you sit the exam at home, in your office or another quiet place where you will be free from interruptions and disturbance.

Technical requirements to take the IEAC exam

  • A computer with a reliable internet connection.
  • A web camera (either built-in to your monitor or a separate attachment, mounted on your monitor).
  • Google Chrome, FireFox or Safari (Version 11 and above) are the recommended web browsers to use.

Read the information here which outlines the requirements for webcam setup and footage during the exam.

When to take the IEAC exam

You do not need to nominate a test date or time, you can take the exam at any time. You do not need to take the exam during business hours. Client support will review your exam attempt after it is submitted.

Cost of the IEAC Formal Test

The web-invigilated exam is €295 EUROS*

See the refund and public recognition policies here

Once payment is made, Client Support will review your account to check that you have met the following criteria.

Criteria to sit the IEAC exam

You must do the following:

1. Successfully complete sufficient study in the course. This includes all of the online exercises/activities in the course and the Self-Assessment.

2.  Upload identification to your account – a link will be made available for you to do so after you’ve purchased the exam.   

Acceptable identification:

a) It must be government-issued.

b) All details must be in English.

c) It must be in colour.

d) It must contain your full name, date of birth (day/month/year) and photograph. These details must be clearly identifiable in the document. Your date of birth must be recorded in the Western calendar.

e) All details must be completely in focus. Personal details must be legible and your photograph must be absolutely clear. The file size should be no less than 400 x 400 pixels.

Your photograph will be used to verify your identity. It will be compared to the footage of you captured on the web camera during the online exam. For this reason, it is essential that your photograph is absolutely clear. It would also be best to provide an ID. containing a recent photograph of you.  Any ID. that does not meet this criteria will be rejected.

Some examples of acceptable formal identification are a passport, national identity document or a driver’s license.

3. Upload a profile picture to your account.

Acceptable profile picture:

a) It must be a photograph of your face.

b) It must be a different photograph from the one in your identification.

c) The file size should be no less than 400 x 400 pixels.

d) The photograph must be completely in focus.

e) It must be a recent photograph of yourself.

The profile photograph will be used to verify your identity. Any profile picture that does not meet the above criteria will be rejected. Once the examination process concludes, you are free to replace your profile photograph with another profile picture, such as a company logo. You may do this once your successful exam attempt has been validated by Client Support.

4. Upload agency information to your account.

If you are yet to join an agency or establish yourself as a sole-trader, this information is not essential. Please add it when available.

5. Agree to the terms and conditions.

Once payment is received, Client Support will review your account to see that you have met the criteria.  If you have not met the criteria, your exam access will be rejected.

Exam access request processing time

Please allow for seven (7) business days for your exam access request to be processed. Test candidates will be notified of approval/rejection of exam access by email. If an email from Client Support does not arrive within 7 business days, candidates are advised to check their email spam and junk folders and to log in to their email account to check for an active exam link.

Rejected candidates will receive an email explaining why their access was declined.  They will be provided with details on which of the above criteria was not met.  If your exam access request is rejected, you will be subject to another waiting period of 7 business days.  To avoid delays, please ensure that you have fulfilled the above criteria.

Approved candidates will receive an email containing a hyperlink to proceed with the exam and find an active exam link inside their email account.

To help Client support to remain as efficient as possible and to prevent delays for all applicants, please do not contact us for a status update on your exam access request.

Access by test candidates to the IEAC exam is at the discretion of ICEF.  We reserve the right to reject access to the exam.

*The exam fee may change without notice.  Any charges that are levied by one’s financial institution are outside of the control of ICEF and must be paid by the candidate. 
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