ICEF Academy Courses

Our courses are created in partnership with industry experts, leading institutions, and national education advisory boards.

New educator training Introduction to International Education Course (IIEC)

A foundational course for institution-based professionals that explains the building blocks of the industry and how the roles within it intersect.

New agent training New Zealand Education Agent Course

Learn how to navigate New Zealand's distinct education landscape as an agent or counsellor and expand your recruitment efforts to this exciting destination.


Your path to an industry-recognised certification

  • Prepare Take a comprehensive course and practice tests associated with the final exam.
  • Take the Exam Purchase the final exam for your free course or take the exam included in your paid course.
  • Get Certified Answer questions correctly to obtain the required pass percentage and earn your certification.
Our courses encompass insights gained from 30+ years in the sector, and draw upon knowledge from experts in the world of international education.

By taking one of our self-paced courses and corresponding exams, you can equip yourself with an in-depth understanding of the complex international student recruitment landscape, and the skills to grow in your professional career. An ICEF certification is recognised sector-wide as a badge of excellence and a mark of reliability.

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