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Specialist training and development for professionals in international education.

Driving excellence in international student recruitment

ICEF Academy provides specialist training for professionals in student recruitment, because we believe that understanding the global education landscape and the markets you’re recruiting to leads to better outcomes – for counsellors, for educators and for students. 

With ICEF Academy, you’ll learn how to navigate student recruitment for some of the world’s most popular study destinations, and develop skills that distinguish you within the field. You’ll join over 16,000 education counsellors from around the world in holding an ICEF training certification.  

Our courses cover the most detailed aspects of some of the world’s leading education systems, and are created in partnership with government bodies and leaders in the sector. 

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About ICEF Academy

Our first course, the ICEF Agent Training Course (IATC), was launched in 2010 with the goal of supporting education counsellors in learning more about the business of international student recruitment, and collectively raising standards across the sector. Since then we’ve added to our training portfolio in line with market evolution, and we continue to do so. Our courses are comprehensive, ranging from 50 – 100 study hours each, and are self-paced so that you can learn at your own speed. 

We firmly believe in the transformational power of international education. ICEF Academy provides you with the tools to become an expert in the field, develop your counselling skills, and deliver the benefits of studying abroad to the wider world. To-date, over 16,000 education counsellors around the world have taken an ICEF exam, and received an ICEF Course Graduate qualification. 




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