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ICEF is a global leader in international education, committed to advancing the industry through the promotion of best practices, strengthening of global networks, and sharing of insights and analysis on the latest industry trends and data.

Our global programme of networking events supports student mobility by connecting international education institutions, student recruitment agents, and relevant service providers.

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Our solutions provide professional development, training, and tailored services in marketing, business development, and other areas to stakeholders in the international education sector around the world.

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ICEF has one of the largest networks of international education professionals in the world. Quite simply, we know what works. From advertising, video, digital, partnerships to direct recruitment, ICEF has the right solution for you. Take the ambiguity out of your strategy. Work with ICEF to develop tools and a plan that you can be 100% confident in.

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ICEF Monitor is the leading source of market intelligence for international student recruitment.

ICEF is dedicated to harassment-free events and we expect our attendees to always act in a professional manner. Our Code of Conduct can be found at www.icef.com/code-of-conduct