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Over 30 years ICEF has set the benchmark for first-rate education agents with our agency screening, accreditation and certification.


For over 30 years, ICEF has been the benchmark for comprehensive agent quality, setting high standards across the international education industry and helping education providers ensure that they are working with the best education agents in sourcing their international students.

Our industry-leading quality assurance processes are increasingly recognised worldwide as an advantage for agencies who have been successfully screened or counsellors who have been certified by ICEF.


ICEF Agency Accreditation

Our comprehensive accreditation programme ICEF Agency Status (IAS) is the global quality standard for international education agencies, identifying the best from around the world who have undergone our stringent, annual vetting and reference checks, and have signed up to our Agency Code of Conduct.

The growing network of IAS agencies can be found in our global online directory and each agency can be securely verified by their unique ICEF ID and QR code, based on blockchain technology.

ICEF Counsellor Certification

To continue our commitment to quality in the student recruitment agency sector, ICEF also provides continued professional development training courses for agents and student counsellors.

We offer two types of agent training courses:

Professional courses – provide practical, professional training for agency-based international student recruitment counsellors, building knowledge of the industry, key destinations, fundamental skills and daily operations.

Destination courses – support the professional development of student recruitment counsellors wishing to specialise in a major study destination such as Canada, Ireland, or the US.

To learn more about ICEF Agent Training, please click here.


ICEF Screened Agents

ICEF has helped to shape international education through our unrivalled networking events. A large part of the reason for our success has been the continued quality of the student recruitment agents who attend.

Before an agent is invited to join an event, they must go through a stringent vetting process involving reference checks, business practice audits – and an interview with an ICEF Agent Relations Manager.

This process has helped ICEF build a reputation for quality and educators who attend our events know they can trust the potential partners they meet.