Why take an ICEF Agent Training Course?

International student recruitment agencies play a vital role in the global mobility of students. However, the field is very complex and is always changing. High-quality professional development is an excellent way to distinguish your company as highly committed. Agencies with counsellors who have completed an ICEF training course are recognised by partners and peers as leaders in the industry.

There are two types of ICEF Agent Training Courses:  

Professional Courses that provide practical, professional training for agency-based international student recruitment counsellors, testing their knowledge of the industry, key destinations, fundamental skills and daily operations.

Destination Courses that support the professional development of agents wishing to specialise in a major study destination (Canada, Ireland, and the USA).

Please choose from the following ICEF Courses. You can easily search for course graduates on either a map or list.

What Agents say

  • Personally I found the ANZA programme to be very informative and useful. It was a good opportunity to interact with service providers and education providers. In addition, I enjoyed the opportunity to share ideas and information with agents from different countries.

    Hari Sapkota

    Education Planet, Nepal
  • This was my first ICEF event, I am happy I was able to make so many contacts with prospective education providers that I can represent in Nigeria.

    Olufolakemi Olakotan Adeniyi

    Mel Logistics, Nigeria
  • ANZA is the place where you can build very good business connections.

    Christine Szablyas

    Dream Service International
  • ICEF Events are the best way to make contacts that help us to grow and improve.

    William Moreno Acero

    Will World Australia, Latin America
  • I was able to get some very useful information from old/present/new schools. I will be able to use this information for students in Japan.

    Takashi Fujita

    Kyoiku Bunka Network, Japan
  • It was very nice to be part of the ANZA Workshop. I found the school representatives from Austria and New Zealand to be SUPER friendly and warm. I feel like our students will be in good hands if they attend one of those schools.

    Vivien Liang

    Franklin International Education Group, Taiwan
  • Overall I thought the conference was very good! The staff were very helpful and easily accessible for any questions.

    Rumidzai Jane Chitumwa

    Megham Consultancy, Zimbabwe
  • I found that the workshop is very interesting and useful for me, especially the information about schools and making with a lot of friends and business relationships from different countries.

    Huong Thi Dang

    Centre for Education Promotion and External Co-operation (CEPEC), Vietnam
  • The workshop allows me to meet many different educators which really helps my business.

    William Wai Lun Chan

    Think Tank Education Consultancy, Hong Kong
  • Each ANZA Workshop is always very organised and useful for initiating business relations in the international education market. ICEF has always been committed to the betterment of the education sector.

    Elma Perello-Lagamson

    Convergence Documentation Services, Philippines
  • The ANZA Workshop is professional and certainly will help my business for long in the future.

    Thi Lan Bui

    Asia Pacific Company Ltd (APACO), Vietnam
  • The ANZA Workshop was a great opportunity for me to get to know many excellent educators in Australia and New Zealand. Also, it was nice to get connected with various agents in other countries as well.

    Nobuhiko Katayanagi

    GCS Group, Japan
  • Overall it was a good workshop, with new providers like accommodation, immigration, and travel companies also invited. This workshop really met the needs of our agency. Now we are able to add some valuable services for all our clients when they want to study in Australia and NZ.

    Meti Meti

    ELTIM, Indonesia
  • The event as a whole was really well organised. There were lots of good educators and service providers. The dinner was lovely and was even a better chance to strengthen and develop our relationships.

    Vitaliy Stepanenko

    Students International Education Group, Russia
  • ANZA14 was well organised and has already produced results for our agency. We found potential partner schools by attending this event.

    Wei Zhang

    Tianjin Leader Overseas Education Service, China
  • We have managed to make some great partnership agreements and we really hope that this event boosts our company profile and future business relationships with Australian Institutions.

    Elena Sergeeva

    Education Standard Consulting Group, Uzbekistan

Upcoming ICEF Events for Agents

Agents use ICEF Workshops to easily source new worldwide educational programmes and providers for their portfolios, and to strengthen established business relationships – at one event in one location.