ICEF Academy Course and Certification Exam Terms and Conditions

By purchasing and undertaking an ICEF Academy Course or Exam, you are entering into a legally binding contract with ICEF Academy and agreeing to the following terms and conditions.

A. Registration, Account Creation, and Account Management

  1. To access course and exam materials and/or purchase a Course, Printable Resource, or Certification Exam, you will be required to register for an account on the ICEF Academy platform. It is your responsibility to ensure that the information you provide during registration is accurate and update such information as should be amended as required by you.
  2. All information provided to ICEF Academy must be complete and accurate upon registration.
  3. The person registering the ICEF Academy account, must be the person taking a course and/or sitting an exam, and is the holder of the formal, government-issued ID which must be uploaded to your ICEF Academy Account.
  4. You may not use or access an account that does not belong to you for any reason.
  5. You must not share your username and password with anyone, or permit them to use your account under any circumstances.  This includes another member or employee within your agency.
  6. You must use your own name when registering for an ICEF Academy user account. It must match the name shown on your formal ID, with the exception that additional given names may be omitted.  Unofficial nicknames may not be used.
  7. You must upload a recognised form of identification to confirm your identity and gain access to the relevant Certification Exam, where required.  Acceptable forms  of ID are outlined in the product description section on the Exam purchase page.
  8. You must carefully review our Privacy Policy to understand how we collect, use and store your personal data, before creating an account on ICEF Academy.
  9. You must only create, access, and/or use one ICEF Academy user account. If you have created more than one user account, you must inform ICEF Academy of the usernames of these accounts immediately prior to you starting any exam. These accounts will be disabled.
  10. You must not create another ICEF Academy user account without our permission, under any circumstances – including if your account has been suspended or disabled by ICEF. If you experience any technical difficulties with your existing account, please contact us at for support.
  11.  You are only permitted to study course learning materials, apply for exam access or attempt a Certification Exam from one user account.  It is prohibited to perform any of these activities from multiple accounts.
  12. Education Agents who have more than one qualification, or plan to earn more than one qualification, which they wish to advertise  separately on our online network directory, but under different agency information, may be permitted to create an additional user account. You must contact ICEF Academy at, in advance, to request this.  If ICEF Academy approves your additional account/s, please note that you must not enrol in the same agent training course and/or sit the same certification exam in more than one of the accounts. Retention of more than one user account is permitted for the time that you are required to list separate qualifications under different agency information.


B. Courses, Product Offerings, and Feedback

  1. ICEF Academy reserves the right to modify the content in a Course, printable resource, its website, or Certification Exam, without prior notice.
  2. All exam questions in the Certification Exams, content within Printable Resources*, and the course content within paid-access courses* are the intellectual and confidential property of ICEF Academy.  Under no circumstance may you copy, replicate, modify, translate, distribute, publish, or share any of the Course, Printable Resource or Exam contents with third parties, including other current or prospective candidates, or make them publicly available online or offline on any platform.
  3. To the maximum extent permitted by law, ICEF Academy, its course partners, and sponsors will not be liable for any direct, indirect, consequential, special, or incidental damages due to any errors, inaccuracies, or omissions in content. It is your responsibility to exercise due diligence in evaluating the accuracy and usefulness of any content on the website, or in the course, exam, or printable resource.
  4. We encourage you to provide ICEF Academy with feedback related to your use of the platform and its content offerings, including suggestions for new content, products, or features.  By submitting feedback you agree to let us use this feedback without restriction and without the need for compensation to you.

*A paid-access course is considered any course which is paid for at point of course registration, inclusive of final exam.


C. Payment and Promotional Offers

  1. All fees must be paid according to the payment terms specified by ICEF Academy at the time of purchase. Payment should be completed before the commencement of the Paid-to-access Course or Certification Exam, and prior to accessing any Printable Resource available for download.
  2. Unless explicitly stated otherwise, all fees are quoted in Euros (€). Please note that the decimal point may be represented by a comma (ABC,DE €).
  3. All fees quoted on the website and other forms of communication are exclusive of any applicable taxes, levies, duties, or similar governmental assessments of any nature. You will be responsible for paying any such taxes as mentioned in your order.
  4. It is your responsibility to provide us with valid and updated credit card and billing information during the purchase process. By providing this information, you authorise us and any third party we may use to process payments to charge your credit card for the amount specified in your order.
  5. The fees associated with Paid-to-access Courses, Printable Resources, and Certification Exams are accurate at the time of publication and are subject to change without prior notice.
  6. ICEF Academy may periodically offer promotional offers on select courses, resources, or exams. These offers are subject to specific terms and conditions outlined during the promotional period. The discounted price or offer will be applicable only to the specified course(s), resource(s), or exam(s) during the designated promotional period.
  7. Promotional offers cannot be combined with any other offers. Each promotional offer is limited to one per person, unless stated otherwise.
  8. ICEF Academy and its promotional offer partner(s) reserve the right to modify, decline, or terminate any promotional offer at any time without prior notice.
  9. Before sitting a Certification Exam, enrolling in a Paid-for-access Course or downloading a Printable Resource, you must review our Refund Policy page. By undertaking the exam and/or course or downloading a Printable Resource, you acknowledge and accept these terms.


D. Certification Exam Access, Exam Conduct, and Exam Process  

  1. The legitimation process to validate your details may take approximately 2-7 business days.  During this time, we may reach out to you for any necessary updates or clarification regarding your information or identification.  Once verification is successfully completed, you will receive a link via email to access and undertake the exam.
  2. Certification Exams for free-to-study courses on ICEF Academy are proctored to ensure a secure and fair testing environment. By participating in a proctored exam, you consent to the monitoring of your computer’s webcam by our proctoring software and/platform during the entire duration of the exam.
  3. When taking a Certification Exam for free-to-study courses** you must confirm your identity by correctly activating your web camera to take footage of you for the entire duration of the exam. The web camera must capture your entire face with clarity and under good lighting from the top of the shoulders up. You must be directly facing the camera.
  4. You are responsible for making sure that your web camera is functional and compatible with our proctoring platform. Before you attempt the exam you must read all of the information on our website for detailed instructions on web camera activation. If your web camera is not activated and taking footage as described, your exam attempt will be counted invalid.
  5. You must remain in the same position in front of the web camera from the moment that the exam is activated.  If you are using a portable device such as a laptop or iPad, you must not move around with your device.
  6. You must be alone for the duration of the exam. No other person is allowed to enter the room while you are taking the exam.
  7. All exams must be completed in privacy, and no communication with any external party, in any form, is permitted for the duration of the exam. Communication includes, but is not limited to, direct in-person communication with another person, telephone, SMS, Skype or a similar video calling program, an instant messaging program, social media or any online forum.  Any incoming phone calls, text messages, social media notifications, emails, and other similar forms of communication must be ignored until the exam is completed and submitted.  We strongly recommend that such devices are switched off for the duration of the exam.  Failure to observe these conditions, regardless of whether or not the content of the communication is deemed to be exam related, will result in your exam attempt being invalidated, and you will waive the right to take any further attempts at the exam.
  8. The wearing of headphones, headsets, earbuds, earphones and similar listening equipment is strictly forbidden.  It is your responsibility to ensure that you are in a quiet location where you will not be disturbed or interrupted for the course of the exam.  Sounds such as music or audio from videos are also not permitted.
  9. You must only activate the exam when you are ready to proceed.  This is done by clicking on the link you receive via email.  Once your exam is activated, you must proceed with it immediately.  Failure to do so will result  in your exam attempt being counted as invalid, regardless of whether it is taken or not.
  10. You must sit the exam in a continuous period of time. If you activate your exam attempt and do not complete the exam in the same session, your exam attempt will be invalid.
  11. You must submit your exam attempt within a maximum of 1 hour and 20 minutes. Please note that a timer will display in the top right-hand corner of your screen at all times for the duration of the exam. It will be your responsibility to keep track of the time displayed and to ensure that you have a steady internet connection and reliable device on which you can take the exam.
  12. You must ensure that you click on the ‘complete’ button at the bottom of the screen to submit your exam within 1 hour and 20 minutes. If you do not click on ‘complete’ within the time limit, your attempt will be invalid.  It is your responsibility  to correctly submit your exam at completion.  Please do not simply close out of the browser window, as your exam will be invalidated and not submitted.
  13. Assuming you have adhered to all terms and conditions, you may take up to three attempts at each exam if you are not successful on an attempt. After each valid failed attempt you will receive a new test link via email.  Should you fail your third attempt, you must pay the Certification Exam fee in full for another three attempts.
  14. You have up to 12 months to attempt and successfully pass your exam from the date you receive access. This time period also includes any additional attempts you may require (up to 3 with each fee paid).
  15. ICEF Academy may suspend or disable your user account if you do not comply with our terms and conditions, or in event we are investigating any suspected misconduct.
  16. ICEF Academy reserves the right to reject any request for Certification Exam access or any Certification Exam attempt for any reason, and is under no obligation to provide an explanation.
  17. In case of technical difficulties or issues with the proctoring software/platform during the exam, you must promptly contact our support team at for assistance.  You may be asked to provide documentation, such as screenshots, to verify  the issue you are experiencing.  Please note that the final decision to provide any dispensation or resolve the issue rests with ICEF Academy alone.

**A free-to-study course is considered any course for which content is free to access and study, and where the exam and certification is paid for separately.


E. Badges and Certifications

  1. On successfully passing a Certification Exam or completing a Paid-access Course, you will receive a printable digital certificate and course badge. These badges and certificates are a recognition of your knowledge and skills in the respective topic of the Certification Exam or Course and do not count as academic credit.
  2. ICEF Academy does not issue a certificate of completion for Free-access Courses.
  3. A certificate or badge will not be issued unless all the requirements of the Certification Exam or Paid-access Course have been successfully completed, including a minimum score that must be achieved in the exam or quizzes.
  4. You are permitted to share your certificate and badge on social media platforms such as LinkedIn or display them in your office.
  5. You are permitted to include your badge in your business email signature, post it on your business website, and/or print it on your business cards.  You must adhere to the guidelines for correct badge usage.
  6. Badges and certificates issued by ICEF Academy are non-transferable and can only be used by the individual who has earned them.  They cannot be assigned, sold, or transferred to any other person or entity within the same organisation or otherwise.
  7. Any misuse, misrepresentation, or fraudulent use of badges and certifications may result in revocation or termination of the respective qualifications.
  8. ICEF Academy reserves the right to update or modify the criteria, requirements, validity, or conditions for obtaining and maintaining badges and certifications. Any such changes will be communicated through official channels and will be applicable to both existing, and future, badge and certification holders, unless explicitly mentioned otherwise.  It is the responsibility of the badge or certification holder to comply with these requirements when notified.


F. Agent and Agency Listings

  1.  ICEF Academy provides agent and agency listings to showcase education agents who have completed a Certification Exam.
  2. The inclusion of an agent or agency listing on the ICEF Academy website does not imply endorsement or guarantee of the agent’s or agency’s services or qualifications.  The listing also does not guarantee, or imply, any business relationship, partnership, or cooperation with ICEF.
  3. Agents listed on ICEF Academy must comply with ICEF guidelines and the Code of Conduct, and continue to meet all necessary requirements, to maintain their listing.
  4. ICEF Academy reserves the right to review, modify, or remove agent and agency listings at its discretion without prior notice or consultation.
  5. ICEF Academy is not liable for any interactions or agreements made between users and listed agents. Users are responsible for conducting their own due diligence before engaging the services of any listed agent or agency.
  6. ICEF Academy is not liable for the actions, omissions, opinions, or representations of listed agents and agencies.
  7. Listed education agents are responsible for providing updated information and to maintain the accuracy and relevance of their listing.


G. Amendments

  1. ICEF Academy reserves the right to add, amend or remove any terms and conditions to which you have agreed at any time. Your continued use of our services after any such changes are introduced constitutes your acceptance of the revised terms and conditions. You are responsible for keeping yourself updated on any changes. Changes will be communicated through normal business channels.
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