ICEF Academy Exam Refund policy


Cancellation of the certification exam  

Refund policy

If you are no longer able to proceed with the certification exam, you may apply for a refund.  To do so, please put your request in writing and submit a request to, including the following information:

– Your full name  

– Your username (ICEF Academy account registration email address)  

– receipt number (if known)  

IMPORTANT:  You will be subject to an administration fee of €50.  This will be deducted from the amount that you paid for the certification exam fee.  

Please note that for any purchases of e-book packages, there are no refunds on the e-book portion of the cost. Refunds will only be processed on the examination fee itself.  

If you have proceeded with the exam ie undertaken/attempted it, no refund is available.

Any refund requests received by ICEF will be processed within 7 business days of confirmation by ICEF that a refund can be approved.   Refunds can only be issued up to twelve (12) months after the initial payment. The monies will be refunded to the credit card that was used to make payment.  It may take several days for the amount to reach your account.  Please allow for this time before contacting ICEF for a status update.

Refunds can only be processed back to the credit card from which the original purchase was made. 

If your certification exam booking is cancelled by ICEF, the cost of your certification exam fee will be refunded in full. ICEF reserves the right to cancel exam bookings at any time.  

Please note that it is not necessary to apply for a refund of your certification exam fee if you simply wish to defer your examination.  You may postpone your examination for a reasonable amount of time at ICEF’s discretion.  

Online Payment guidelines

Payments for certifications or online courses will appear on your bank statement as ‘ICEF GmbH’ depending on the product purchased.


If you have queries about the above policies, please contact us at