ICEF Eurasia • March 25 - 27 2024, Istanbul, Türkiye
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Student recruitment from Central Europe through to the Caucasus and Central Asia

Running from 25 – 27 March 2024 at the iconic Hilton Istanbul Bosphorus, ICEF Eurasia gives you the opportunity to network with a large pool of pre-screened agents from around 20 countries spanning this vast area:

  • Established EC markets such as: Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland
  • Eastern European countries such as: Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Romania, Serbia and Ukraine
  • The large and important outbound market of Türkiye
  • Caucasian countries such as Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia
  • Booming central Asian markets including Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan
  • Plus agents non domiciled in Russia, supporting Russian students

Programme & Seminars

At ICEF Eurasia, you can build your own personalised programme from up to 38 one-to-one meetings with existing and potential partners.

Enjoy a programme of live seminars, presentations and panel discussions, featuring experts from across the industry. Taking place on the opening day, this is a unique opportunity to gain up-to-date information and news on the latest market trends and issues currently affecting the region.


Who joins ICEF Eurasia?

Educators attend ICEF Eurasia because they recognise the benefits of working with student recruitment agencies experienced in working with students from this region and because they know the agents they meet have been pre-screened by ICEF to ensure professional quality.

Agents specialising in the recruitment of students from this region are drawn from Türkiye, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyz Republic, Poland, Serbia, Azerbaijan, Greece, Georgia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Albania, Armenia, Latvia, Lithuania, Malaysia, and Hungary.

ICEF Eurasia offers agents an opportunity to meet with leading education institutes from around the world, with large appeal among local students.

Whether you represent an educational institution, a student recruitment agency or a service provider aiming to bring your offer to an eager market, ICEF Eurasia is a ‘must-attend’ networking event for anyone interested in opening business opportunities in this region.

Pricing & Registration

For education representatives, service providers, cultural exchange and work and travel professionals, the cost starts from just €4,950 per organisation.

Student recruitment agents who have successfully completed ICEF’s rigorous screening process are invited to apply to attend.



Nestled amidst picturesque gardens, the iconic Istanbul hotel, Hilton Istanbul Bosphorus offers modern conveniences and private balconies overlooking the Bosphorus and the Old Town.

Resort-style amenities include indoor and outdoor pools, a fitness centre, spa, Turkish baths and fabulous dining.

Delegates can enjoy preferential rates.

2023 Event Statistics

  1. Türkiye
  2. Kazakhstan
  3. Uzbekistan
  4. Azerbaijan
  5. Ukraine

150 representatives from 141 agencies

Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Georgia, Greece, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, Latvia, Lithuania, Malaysia, Poland, Russia, Serbia, Türkiye, Ukraine, Uzbekistan.

  1. Canada
  2. United Kingdom
  3. US
  4. Germany
  5. UAE

Additional event information

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14:0019:00Seminars & webinars

19:0021:00Welcome reception

08:00Meeting hall opens

08:0009:00Welcome refreshments

09:0011:001:1 meetings

11:0011:30Refreshment break

11:3013:001:1 meetings


14:0016:001:1 meetings

16:0016:30Refreshment break

16:3018:301:1 meetings

18:30Meeting hall closes


08:00Meeting hall opens

08:0009:00Welcome refreshments

09:0011:001:1 meetings

11:0011:30Refreshment break

11:3013:001:1 meetings


14:0016:001:1 meetings

16:0016:30Refreshment break

16:3018:301:1 meetings

18:30Meeting hall closes



As well as being the perfect opportunity to get your brand in front of key decision makers & budget holders, your place includes all of the following benefits:

Before the event:

  • Access to detailed profiles of all event participants
  • Use of the Marcom eSchedule PRO online meeting booking system
  • Access to targeted marketing and sponsorship opportunities

At the event:

  • Access to scheduled meetings
  • Access to live & on demand webinars
  • Last-minute meeting scheduling with new opportunities
  • Live chat function with other event participants joining in online

After the event:

  • Access to your personal meeting notes
  • Access to downloadable meeting reports and participant lists
  • Access to all recorded content for 4 weeks after the event closes

To reserve your place, please enquire now.

The health and safety of our delegates is important to us and we will follow the latest advice provided by local health authorities to ensure that our event conforms.

All delegates should follow the COVID-19 entry requirements of the host country. If local health authority guidance prevents the in-person aspects of this event taking place, our hybrid event platform allows us to seamlessly deliver this event in an online format.

If an in-person participant cannot attend due to COVID-19 travel restrictions, we can switch the attendance seamlessly to take part virtually instead, without the need to reschedule meetings. Alternatively, you may nominate a colleague to attend in your place.

FAM Tours and Receptions, are two ways you can increase your organisation’s profile by hosting invited ICEF event participants to a private gathering either at your school/campus or a location of your choice.

Find out more information about available activities and how to submit a proposal for your own FAM Tour or Reception, below.

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