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Understanding the true value of international student insurance

February 2024

Understanding the true value of international student insurance


December 2023

Lessons learned at ICEF Digital

November Webinar

November 2023

Middle East Scholarship Programmes: Creating partnerships to increase sponsored student enrolment

ICEF October Webinar

October 2023

Reducing financial stress for international students through flexible payment solutions

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Webinar Archive

Browse the recordings of our popular webinars below. To join a session live, sign up to our mailing list so we can keep you up to date with upcoming topics.

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December 2021 • How to increase international student enrolment via student recruitment agencies • Part II

August 2021 • Reach international students via student recruitment agencies

June 2021 • Three trends driving the evolution of student recruitment marketing

May 2021 • Study destination marketing - important factors to consider

May 2021 • International student accommodation - opportunities for education agents

December 2020 • Global higher education after the pandemic


  • Craig Riggs, Editor, ICEF Monitor
  • Allan E. Goodman, President & CEO, Institute of International Education
  • Alex Usher, President, Higher Education Strategy Associates
  • Vivienne Stern, Director, Universities UK International

Opinions differ as to the future of international student mobility. Some analysts look ahead and see a period of decline following the pandemic. But history tells a different story: demand for higher education abroad often surges following a prolonged disruption, as we are indeed experiencing right now.

This distinguished panel will consider the factors that will shape global higher education in the several years after the pandemic. What can we expect in terms of enrolment trends and where and how will students study in the years ahead? What are the guiding ideas that will inform the continuing internationalisation of higher education systems? And how will student expectations of study abroad change going forward?

December 2020 • The impact of microcredentials on international education


  • Martijn van de Veen, Vice President, Business Development, ICEF
  • Sean Gallagher, Executive Director, Center for the Future of Higher Education, Talent Strategy and Executive Professor of Educational Policy, Northeastern University
  • Justin Cooke, Chief Content & Partnerships Officer, FutureLearn

Micro-credentials, or ‘non-degree credentials’ are becoming wider-spread and are increasingly embraced by employers, educators and individuals alike, as explained in our recent ICEF Monitor article ‘The growing importance of non-degree credentials’. In this webinar we will be discussing the impact of microcredentials on the international education industry.

December 2020 • Pathways through the pandemic - a panel discussion


  • Ross Holmes, Executive Director – Digital Services, ICEF
  • Omid Honari, Regional Director – Europe, Middle East, Africa & The Americas (EMEAA),
  • Sam Jones, Recruitment Director Europe & Central Asia, INTO University Partnerships
  • Sharon Sundue, Vice President for Academic Affairs, INTO North America

This session features two of the world’s leading pathway providers discussing how they have adapted to the “new normal” and what their plans are for the future.

Panelists from INTO and Navitas will discuss how students, agents and partner institutions have been affected by the pandemic, how pathway providers have reacted, and their expectations for the future.

December 2020 • International student health care after the pandemic


  • Martijn van de Veen, Vice President, Business Development, ICEF
  • Laurent Pochat-Cottilloux, Global Head of Health Reinsurance Partnerships, AXA
  • Jodi Thomas, Head of Strategy and Implementation – Global Students, Allianz Partners
  • Philippe Guibert, Regional Medical Director, Europe Health Consulting Practice, International SOS

As the metaphorical light at the end of the Covid-tunnel is starting to appear, the international education industry is eagerly preparing for borders to reopen again. In a post-pandemic world in which healthcare concerns are paramount, student health care, safety and health insurance will be more relevant than ever before for study abroad.

Educational institutions, student recruitment agencies, international students’ families and of course the students themselves will be looking for the right services and solutions to guarantee their wellbeing and ensure they are protected and cared for in case anything happens during their stay abroad. In this webinar we’ll be discussing how the insurance industry is preparing for the new normal with input from 3 senior sector representatives. We’ll also be encouraging our audience to take part with a series of interactive polls.

December 2020 • Financial solutions for international students


  • Martijn van de Veen, Vice President, Business Development, ICEF
  • Amit Singh, Founder & CEO, UniCreds
  • Tony Chen, Head of International Education Proposition, HSBC
  • Adam Cross, Director of Marketing, Future Finance

Covid-19 has affected international education on so many levels. From changes in student ‘corridors’ to the introduction of hybrid programmes, and from the rise of so-called microcredentials to a whole array of new EdTech solutions: international education is entering a new era. But what about international student financing and financial services? Many students’ families, and the students themselves, are affected financially by Covid-19. How are the providers of financial services and student loans responding to these new challenges? How can they support international students and how will their services be different?

November 2020 • The ELT sector in 2030


  • Craig Riggs, Editor, ICEF Monitor, Canada
  • Lawrence Jackson, Head of Sales, IH London, United Kingdom
  • Robin Adams, President, CES North America, Canada
  • Jean-Marc Alberola, Founder & CEO, Bridge Education, USA

The pandemic has wreaked havoc in the English Language Teaching industry this year. The peak season was wiped out for many providers, even as most schools made a lightningfast transition to online provision. The industry has struggled for months now with previously unseen volumes of refunds and programme deferrals, and with the uncertainty arising from suspended visa processing, reduced flight services, and border closures. But, as we gather this month, schools have reopened in most destinations and the industry is looking toward recovery in 2021 and beyond. So where do we go from here? With all of its disruptive force, the pandemic will also likely be an accelerator for change and innovation in the industry. We can anticipate new products and programme models, new partnerships and collaborations, expanded use of technology, and more. This panel will consider some of the persistent challenges in the ELT sector and look ahead to consider how the industry will take shape in the coming decade.

November 2020 • Edtech in international student recruitment - 3 perspectives


  • Martijn van de Veen, Vice President Business Development, ICEF, The Netherlands
  • Mathew Jacobson, Founder & CEO, Dūcere Global Business School, USA
  • David Gibson, Worldwide Education Partner Strategy Leader, Microsoft, USA
  • Benoit Henry, CEO & Founder, Certifaction, Switzerland

It’s hard to imagine an education sector without Edtech: new technologies are playing an ever increasing role across the broader education industry – international student recruitment included. In this webinar, we will be looking at the role of edtech in the international student recruitment industry from three different angles.

September 2020 • The promotion of cities as study destinations

August 2020 • LATAM: reaction to COVID-19 and opportunities as a competitive academic destination


  • Marcela Wolff-López, Director of Business Development – Latin America, ICEF
  • Gabriela Ardito, President, ARSAA
  • Mauro Alejo Guevara, Manager, Study Buenos Aires
  • Claudia Rodríguez, Vice President International Relations, Universidad San Ignacio de Loyola
  • Diana Restrepo Arévalo, Executive Secretariat, Colombian International Education Network-RCI
  • Felipe Garcés, President, ANEX
  • William Herrera, Interim President, AMTE

Latin America has always been known as a source market for students, yet today there are signs that the region may be becoming more than that. With increased interest from Latin American students to consider a programme within the region, alongside a strong appetite amongst educators to recruit local students for their courses, we may be seeing the start of a fundamental shift within the region.

As the world begins to look to the future beyond COVID-19, and prepare for the ‘new normal’, educators and agents across Latin America are defining their strategies to continue the growth of international education within their region. Although hugely disruptive, the pandemic offers organisations the opportunity to break with the past and review how they want to position themselves to respond to students’ changing preferences into the future.

This webinar aims to answer questions from both educators and agents from across Latin America about the opportunities which exist in international student recruitment within the region, as well as providing insights on what the future may hold. In particular, we explore the following questions:

  • What are the key strengths educational institutions in the region have to offer students?
  • What is the main challenge for educational institutions to attract international students from LATAM and other regions?
  • Is a coordinated governmental strategy to prioritise international education necessary to boost student recruitment in the region?

July 2020 • Edtech and online learning in international education


  • Martijn van de Veen, Vice President, Business Development, ICEF
  • Sergey Sulimov, CEO and founder, BookYourStudy
  • Mathew Jacobson, Founder, Ducere Global Business School
  • Matthew Hightower, CEO, Class2Class
  • Jacqueline Daniell, CEO and founder, WEY Education

In this ICEF webinar we explore the experiences that the international education industry has with edtech solutions and online programmes in particular, and examine their role in the international student recruitment industry in a post-pandemic world.

This episode, we bring together four specialists, each with a different background in the international education or edtech industry, to discuss the effect of edtech – and online learning in particular – on the international student recruitment industry. In particular, we explore the following questions:

  • What business opportunities do online programmes present for student recruitment agencies?
  • What could be the likely role for edtech solutions and online programmes in international education after the pandemic?
  • What challenges surrounding social interaction and cultural experience exist in online learning?

Your questions answered here.

June 2020 • How Canada is handling the coronavirus pandemic


  • Robin Garcha, Director, Business Development Canada, ICEF
  • Melanie Bergeron, International Student Program, Operations, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada / Government of Canada
  • Matthew Dan, International Student Program, Policy, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada / Government of Canada
  • Bonnie McKie, Executive Director, Canadian Associations of Public Schools – International (CAPS-I)
  • Diego Sanchez, Marketing Manager, Languages Canada
  • Andrew Champagne, Manager, Mobility Programs, Colleges and Institutes Canada (CICAN)

The response to the COVID-19 crisis continues to evolve across all levels of government in Canada. This webinar offers an in-depth look at the immediate impacts of coronavirus on the Canadian international education sector and aims to answer the following questions:

  • What do schools and agencies need to know now about the situation in Canada?
  • How can schools and agencies adapt to the new post-COVID reality?
  • What are institutions, associations and government in Canada doing to support their education agent partners during this time?

We draw on the authority of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), alongside three Canadian associations: Canadian Associations of Public Schools – International (CAPS-I), Colleges and Institutes Canada (CICAN) and Languages Canada, to provide clarity on key issues facing international educators.

Your questions answered here.

May 2020 • Advancing agent/university relationships in a COVID-19 world


  • Ian Cann, Director, Americas, ICEF
  • Kirsten Feddersen, Senior Director of Global Operations, Northeastern University
  • Duleep Deosthale, President, Global Specialists Inc.
  • Bryan Gross, VP Enrolment Management & Marketing, Western New England University

This webinar aims to answer the following questions:

  • What is the scope of international student recruitment in a COVID-19 world?
  • With travel restrictions in place, and budgets under review, how does a university make its presence felt as they try to engage with students abroad?
  • What can universities do to adapt their existing agent relationships in this new context?
  • How can universities make a case to continue working with agents?

We draw on the collective experience of three outstanding international education professionals as they discuss, provide insights and offer suggestions of how universities can redefine and enhance the university-agent relationship and look ahead for an effective, efficient and productive partnership as they respond to COVID-19.