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Offering the perfect forum for educators to ask their questions to the experts, ICEF’s webinars bring together outstanding student recruitment professionals from around the world to discuss issues affecting the global student mobility market today.

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9 July 2020 - Edtech and online learning in international education

In this ICEF webinar we explore the experiences that the international education industry has with edtech solutions and online programmes in particular, and examine their role in the international student recruitment industry in a post-pandemic world.

This episode, we bring together four specialists, each with a different background in the international education or edtech industry, to discuss the effect of edtech – and online learning in particular – on the international student recruitment industry. In particular, we explore the following questions:

  • What business opportunities do online programmes present for student recruitment agencies?
  • What could be the likely role for edtech solutions and online programmes in international education after the pandemic?
  • What challenges surrounding social interaction and cultural experience exist in online learning?

Your questions answered here.


  • Martijn van de Veen, Vice President, Business Development, ICEF
  • Sergey Sulimov, CEO and founder, BookYourStudy
  • Mathew Jacobson, Founder, Ducere Global Business School
  • Matthew Hightower, CEO, Class2Class
  • Jacqueline Daniell, CEO and founder, WEY Education

4 June 2020 - How Canada is handling the Coronavirus Pandemic

The response to the COVID-19 crisis continues to evolve across all levels of government in Canada. This webinar offers an in-depth look at the immediate impacts of coronavirus on the Canadian international education sector and aims to answer the following questions:

  • What do schools and agencies need to know now about the situation in Canada?
  • How can schools and agencies adapt to the new post-COVID reality?
  • What are institutions, associations and government in Canada doing to support their education agent partners during this time?

We draw on the authority of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), alongside three Canadian associations: Canadian Associations of Public Schools – International (CAPS-I), Colleges and Institutes Canada (CICAN) and Languages Canada, to provide clarity on key issues facing international educators.

Your questions answered here.


  • Robin Garcha, Director, Business Development Canada, ICEF
  • Melanie Bergeron, International Student Program, Operations, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada / Government of Canada
  • Matthew Dan, International Student Program, Policy, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada / Government of Canada
  • Bonnie McKie, Executive Director, Canadian Associations of Public Schools – International (CAPS-I)
  • Diego Sanchez, Marketing Manager, Languages Canada
  • Andrew Champagne, Manager, Mobility Programs, Colleges and Institutes Canada (CICAN)

6 May 2020 - Advancing Agent/University relationships in a COVID-19 world

This webinar aims to answer the following questions:

  • What is the scope of international student recruitment in a COVID-19 world?
  • With travel restrictions in place, and budgets under review, how does a university make its presence felt as they try to engage with students abroad?
  • What can universities do to adapt their existing agent relationships in this new context?
  • How can universities make a case to continue working with agents?

We draw on the collective experience of three outstanding international education professionals as they discuss, provide insights and offer suggestions of how universities can redefine and enhance the university-agent relationship and look ahead for an effective, efficient and productive partnership as they respond to COVID-19.


  • Ian Cann, Director, Americas, ICEF
  • Kirsten Feddersen, Senior Director of Global Operations, Northeastern University
  • Duleep Deosthale, President, Global Specialists Inc.
  • Bryan Gross, VP Enrolment Management & Marketing, Western New England University
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