19:00 – 19:55 | How will the changing agent model shape international recruitment in the future?

🎤 Speakers

Henry Tolley (moderator), Vice President, PSI Services
Mazhar Hussain, Regional Manager, PSI Services
Firoz Sait, VP, Sales, Edvoy (South Asia)
Sonia Dhawan, CEO & Owner, Grey Matters Group
Nicy Binu, Director of Overseas Education, Santa Monica Study Abroad
Ashu Mogla, Associate Director, Global Banking School

📝 Description

International student mobility is on the rise. South Asia as a region is already the largest exporter of international students Educational agents have and will continue to play a large role in recruitment. But how will the changing agent model shape International recruitment in the future? That is the central question for this featured panel as we put the focus on the agent’s perspective on the current landscape for student marketing, to explore:

-What are the biggest issues that agents have to face today?
-Is technology going to replace counselling (any time) soon?
-Is a typical bricks and mortar agent office setup a thing of the past?
-What will the next decade look like for agents?