18:30- 18:55 | What’s New? Ilac Education Group – Higher Education

🎤 Speakers

Tatiana Dandzur, Head of Global Sales Support, International Language Academy of Canada (ILAC)
Evelli Crisostomo, Regional Sales and Recruitment Manager – Brazil & Asia, International Language Academy of Canada (ILAC)

📝 Description

Looking for new and exciting opportunities to add to your sales portfolio? Look no further than ILAC Education Group. In just 25 minutes, we’ll take you through the ILAC Education Group portfolio and introduce you to our latest programs designed to help students succeed in reaching their goals.

We will be sharing our ILAC Higher Education updates and the tools students need to enter the workforce with confidence. The programs offers a range of college diplomas and certificates giving your students a competitive edge in the job market. With ILAC Higher Education, your students can take advantage of a wide variety of courses and programs designed to help them achieve their academic and career goals.

But that’s not all. In addition, we’re also excited to offer PLUS A SEMINAR BONUS: Gain a new skill to help your brain to retain more information longer from your ICEF meetings by using a method “Capture & Create” Note-taking.

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