14:00 – 16:00 | ICEF Coach (Pre-registration required)

🎤 Speakers

Birgit Hartel, ICEF Coach

📝 Description

ICEF Coach helps those newer to the international education industry make their networking meetings with agents at an ICEF event as effective and productive as possible. There are 3 phases to the Coach Programme: before, during and after the ICEF event.

Before the event, each participant has a one-on-one consultation and interactive training session with the coach.

The mentoring continues at the event, with a meeting and seminar as well as ongoing support throughout the event, so all ICEF Coach participants maximise their meetings with agents.

After the event, each Coach Programme participant receives a post-event consultation with the coach as a follow-up. This provides the opportunity to de-brief, give feedback on their overall experience at the event and importantly, move forward as effectively as possible to establish productive agent relationships.