14:00 – 15:30 | ALTO presents: How the educational travel industry can engage, educate, and enrol today’s generations of language learners

Room: Schöneberg

Dr Paul Redmond, Director of Student Experience and Enhancement, University of Liverpool

ALTO is a professional association and leadership platform for owners and directors within the international education industry. We invite agents, schools, universities, associations and service providers to improve themselves as business leaders through professional development, information and idea exchange and networking.

We would like to invite all ICEF Berlin participants to join our CPD session to showcase the fantastic speakers we always invite and to experience the constructive discussions we have among members where each participants’ input and perspective is appreciated and contributes to an industry-wide brainstorm powered by knowledge and experience.

Dr Paul Redmond author, keynote speaker, employment guru, and a leading expert on generations and the future of work will talk about cross generational communication is his session: Talking About Our Generations: how the educational travel industry can engage, educate, and enrol today’s generations of language learners.

As students, Millennials and Generation Z are the two ‘digital native’ cohorts, each with its own distinctive and technologically-informed way of learning. But that’s where the similarities end. As this workshop will illustrate, Millennials and Generation Z possess different motivations and aspirations; they also different expectations from language providers.

The aim of this workshop is to provide business leaders with an opportunity to learn how to communicate, engage and educate a new generation of language learners – a generation which has never experienced life ‘BC’ – Before Computers – and, while possessing its own boundless skills, ethics and abilities, has a concentration span less than that of a goldfish.