ICEF Virtual Iran • July 09 - 10 2024
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Create essential partnerships with trusted agents in this promising student market

ICEF Virtual Iran is a new online networking event dedicated to fostering relationships between Iran’s best education agents and international institutions looking to recruit students from this important country. 

In Iran, there is a significant demand for study abroad. While a considerable number of local undergraduate study programmes are available, graduates have few local opportunities for further studies. With more than 60% of the growing population under 30 and 27% of 15-24-year-olds unemployed in 2021, millions of Iranians are finding their undergraduate degrees aren’t providing them with a competitive advantage. As a result, studying abroad for an additional degree – a master’s, second master’s, or PhD – is a better proposition for most than remaining in the country to find a job.

ICEF Virtual Iran is a timely event, as the student recruitment context in Iran is somewhat complex. Working with agents and developing partnerships with Iranian officials, schools, and universities is essential to success, yet many international institutions can see that the extra time and consideration needed for market entry are well worth it. A careful approach is necessary, especially given that government approval is required for foreign institutions to recruit Iranian students, therefore working with trusted agents, and building relationships with key Iranian officials and contacts in academic institutions is crucial. 

For students, the challenges mean that they are increasingly turning to reliable agents to help them find suitable study programmes abroad, not the least because the government has restricted social media and certain websites. For education providers hoping to receive students from Iran, contacts with local agents providing market intelligence and access to the right networks is key. 

ICEF Virtual Iran offers the perfect platform for educators to forge new connections with reliable and respected agents, all of whom have been carefully selected according to ICEF’s rigorous criteria.

Programme & Webinars

ICEF Virtual Iran is a 2-day virtual networking event that allows you to build your own personalised schedule of up to 42 one-to-one meetings with existing and potential partners.

You also have access to our range of online webinars and presentations, providing up-to-date information about the latest market trends and issues relevant to student recruitment in the region.

To enable you to build a personal event schedule, webinars are available live and on-demand, both during and for four weeks after the event.


Who joins ICEF Virtual Iran?

The educator delegates who participate in ICEF Virtual Iran recognise the significant potential of this market, as well as the challenges it faces. With large numbers of students already having achieved an undergraduate qualification, demand is high for postgraduate opportunities. Educators take part in this virtual event to maintain existing regional contacts and to develop new partnerships with student recruitment agents who have been pre-screened by ICEF, to ensure professional quality.

Whether you represent an educational institution looking to raise your profile in this part of the world, a student recruitment agency representing students from Iran, or a service provider aiming to bring your offer to an eager market, ICEF Virtual Iran is a ‘must-attend’ networking event for your 2024 calendar.

Pricing & Registration

Educators and service providers can attend ICEF Virtual Iran for just €1,950 per participant.

Student recruitment agents who have successfully completed ICEF’s rigorous screening process are invited to apply to attend.