The ICEF Higher Education Workshop

Prague Marriott Hotel, Prague • September 13 – 15, 2014

For accredited international higher education institutions and higher education-focussed student recruitment agents from all over the world

Educational agents meeting educators at the ICEF higher education workshop

Industry leading Higher Education Networking

The Higher Education Workshop facilitates targeted, pre-scheduled, one-to-one business meetings between educators, quality higher education focussed agents and international education service providers.

While most higher education institutions understand the importance of international student recruitment, many educators do not realise the crucial role agents play in the continued growth of this sector. Agents act as in-market representatives for institutions and provide culturally-aware counselling to students in their native languages. Agents also monitor all enrolment criteria prior to application, streamlining the entire process and saving work for university admissions departments.

In 2013, a total of 116 tertiary educators and 29 exhibitors met with 146 specialist higher education agents from 53 countries around the world. This reflects a 33% growth in participant numbers over the 2012 event.

ICEF is known for selecting the best and most professional agents to attend its events. This reputation was established, and is maintained, through ICEF’s thorough agent selection and screening procedure. Agents are required to provide verifiable data on their business practices, performance, and provide recent references from higher education partners.

The ICEF Higher Education Workshop takes place immediately before the 2014 EAIE conference, also to be held in Prague, allowing educators to attend both events.

Join ICEF in Prague in 2014 and extend your international student recruitment network at the ICEF Higher Education Workshop.

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