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Recruiting students in the online learning boom

As both valued student recruitment partners to educators, and trusted advisors to millions of students, education agents have played a crucial role in the recent growth of online learning.


Although the online learning market has been trending for years, growth has recently been exponential with campuses closed and millions of people restricted to their homes.

Millions of students sent home

The closure of campuses during the lockdown of 2020 forced conventional education institutions to switch from physical to virtual lessons, literally overnight. Despite the scale of the task and the shortness of time, the sector was hugely successful and has now completely embraced both virtual only, and hybrid teaching formats.

The success in achieving this transition was largely due to the impressive response of the student recruitment agency community, which moved quickly to develop an understanding of the online environment. As both valued partners to educators enrolling students from overseas, and trusted advisors to millions of international students and their families – these agencies were perfectly positioned to understand, and guide, all parties.

Millions at home become students

At the same time, the e-learning market also experienced a tremendous boost, with a huge increase in demand for online study programmes for every subject imaginable. As a result e-learning providers have been working to improve their programme portfolios – in terms of quality, diversity and price range.

In this highly competitive environment, student recruitment agents are playing a greater role in recruiting students and learners to online programmes.

Join industry experts to discuss this booming market from both perspectives in our webinars below:

  • Promotion of online programmes via international education agencies
  • Student recruitment for online programmes an opportunity for agencies

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Providers – why work with education agents for online-learning?

  • Agents understand their student/clients’ ambitions and are consulted to make suggestions and recommendations.
  • As specialists in their regions, agents understand the local education system and know how best to match this with online programmes from overseas providers.
  • Agents understand the local market – its culture, challenges, opportunities and the education demand.
  • Agents are able to provide access to focused marketing channels and local media, and attend local education events on behalf of their online education partners.

Agents – why recruit students for providers of online programmes?

  • Working with online education providers enables you to expand and differentiate your portfolio of education services.
  • You will be able to reach more potential students – for example, those unable or unwilling to travel overseas.
  • Recruiting students for online programmes represents a risk mitigation strategy, providing a revenue source that will be less impacted by future crises involving campus and border closings.
  • Online programmes also present you with a unique opportunity to build lasting relationships with your clients: from a one-time student of one study programme – to a lifelong student and long-term client.

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