The ICEF Education Fund sponsors three students from Nicaragua

The ICEF Education Fund is proud to announce its sponsorship of three high school students from Nicaragua through La Esperanza Granada. The ICEF Education Fund aims to help disadvantaged youths around the world access education. To help these young people on their path to education, personal growth, and social involvement, the Education Fund hand-picks promising educational projects in areas where funding is either difficult to obtain or non-existent and provides crucial support. The ICEF Education Fund has given support to educational projects across the globe, from Brazil to India and beyond.

Through La Esperanza Granada, ICEF has chosen to sponsor two boys and one girl. This selection takes into consideration the fact that boys typically receive fewer sponsorships than girls. The students will each be sponsored for five years.

Those who wish to sponsor a high school student through La Esperanza Granada pay yearly fees with the minimum five year commitment so that the child can see his/her studies through to high school completion. Sponsorship fees cover necessary education related costs such as uniforms, shoes, backpacks, school supplies, dental and eye exams, excursions, and more.

Started in 2002, the non-profit organisation, La Esperanza Granada is located in Granada, Nicaragua. The organisation relies on donations from individuals and groups. Donated funds go towards building and maintaining learning facilities and purchasing educational supplies.

The hope of the organisation is that by furthering the education of Nicaraguan children, communities will begin to pull themselves out of poverty and the standard of living will improve.

Please consider joining forces with the ICEF Education Fund to further the education of children in Nicaragua. Visit the La Esperanza Granada website to learn more about sponsoring a student for their high school studies (, or contact

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