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ICEF Advertising & Sponsorship

Build your brand and gain international exposure at ICEF Miami, where our advertising and sponsorship opportunities will support you to grow your business in front of a targeted and engaged audience.

Advertising and Event Branding

Event Guide Advertising

Prices starting from €700

This quick-reference guide is designed to provide attendees with an overview of meeting and seminar locations as well as general event information. This guide is frequently used by participants during an event.

Escalator Branding

Prices starting from €2,200

Escalator sponsorship ensures memorable brand placement and adequate time for participants to view and take in your brand.

Info Point Branding

Price per information point €1,350

Increase brand awareness by branding an info point which is frequently accessed by attendees, ensuring your brand a lasting impression. Sponsorship includes signage positioned on the front of the counter.

Floor Stickers

Prices starting from €975

Sold in sets of five, floor stickers are ideal to draw attention to your booth or meeting table.

Event Spaces

Registration Desk


Display your brand at the ICEF event registration desk, ensuring maximum visibility. Have your logo featured on the registration envelopes, which contain delegate badges, event information and, optionally, a flyer continuing further information about your products and services.

Hospitality Lounge

Dedicated area €4,500

Sponsor an event hospitality lounge and invite attendees to spend time in a unique space branded and decorated by you.

Refreshment Break

Prices starting from (per day) €4,000

Sponsor a refreshment break and capture the attention of all attendees. Refreshment break sponsorship includes having your logo and message on coffee cups or napkins, as well as in pre-event information and on the official event programme.

Social Activities


Prices starting from (per day) €5,000

ICEF event lunches are a prime time for event attendees to socialise and network. Sponsor a lunch and your brand will be featured on table and directional signage positioned throughout the venue.

Welcome Reception


ICEF events are renowned for their social networking opportunities. Sponsoring the popular welcome reception will ensure that participants are exposed to your brand from the first day of the event. Your brand will be featured on the table and directional signage.

Dinner Reception


Sponsor an ICEF dinner reception during which your brand will be featured throughout the evening as well as in pre-event information and on the official event programme. Take advantage of an exceptional opportunity to reach all participants while they enjoy a sociable dinner.

Branded Items

Neck Cords

Available only to service providers €6,000

Sponsor the neck cords worn by all attendees and position your brand in front of industry professionals during business meetings, informal networking opportunities, and social events.

Key Card Sleeves

Price on request

Be the first brand attendees will see as they check into the hotel by sponsoring hotel room key card sleeves. This advertising opportunity also guarantees that participants will take notice of your brand every time they return to their hotel room.

WiFi Cards


Sponsor the event WiFi and have your brand featured on these popular cards available to all attendees.


Pens supplied by sponsor €2,000

Make your mark at an event by branding the complimentary pens distributed to all attendees, guaranteeing that your brand will stay in the hands and minds of participants well beyond the end of an event.


Notepads supplied by sponsor €2,000

Promote your brand on the complimentary notepads supplied to all participants at the event. Frequently used during seminars and business meetings, they are seen at all times and also get taken home ensuring a longer exposure for your brand.

Agent Hotel Room Drop

Prices on request

Hotel room drops are a special touch, noticed by agents as they walk into their hotel room.

Charging Station


Guests are always looking to re-charge their devices during a busy event. Placed in a prominent position, this is great exposure for your brand.