Agency Accreditation and Counsellor Certification

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ICEF Agent Quality Assurance

For over 30 years, ICEF has been the benchmark for comprehensive agent quality, setting high standards across the international education industry and helping education providers ensure that they are working with the best education agents in sourcing their international students.

Our industry-leading quality assurance processes are increasingly recognised worldwide as an advantage for agencies who have been successfully screened or counsellors who have been certified by ICEF.

ICEF Agency Accreditation

Because they know about our reputation for quality, the education institutions we work with are more willing to engage and work productively with ICEF-screened agencies.

In 2010, we launched a formal recognition programme, the ICEF Agency Status (IAS) acknowledging education agencies who have met ICEF’s strict quality standards.

To find out more about the IAS, please click here.


ICEF Counsellor Certification

International education professionals and agency-based student counsellors wishing to demonstrate their qualified expertise and or knowledge of specific study destinations can undergo personal certification by studying for one of our ICEF agent training courses and successfully completing the course test.

Education agencies with student counsellors who have completed an ICEF training course tell us that they have successfully raised their profile and become known as leaders within their field.

To learn more about ICEF Agent Training, please click here.