ICEF offers a range of solutions designed to help our clients achieve real results in their marketing and student recruitment initiatives. These include:

Since 1991 ICEF has been the industry standard in bringing together thousands of educators, student recruitment agents and industry-related service providers:

  • Educators include universities, colleges, vocational institutions, secondary schools, boarding schools and language schools.
  • Student recruitment agents include study abroad advisors and agencies, student recruiters and educational consultants.
  • Service providers include student accommodation providers, insurance providers, publishers, Internet providers, tour and attraction operators, and tourist boards.

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ICEF's roots in international education go back to the 1960s, when Karl Badde, a linguist and pioneering educator, established a chain of language schools in the Middle East. By the 1970’s, this chain included centres in Bonn and London. These centres provided Arabic language training for diplomats and business executives. In 1984, Badde expanded into publishing with his son, Markus Badde, and daughter, Rebecca Stromeyer, producing a series of ground-breaking language travel and education guides as well as directories for the distance education sector and translation industry.

In the 1990s, the Badde family entered the conference and exhibition industry. They formed ICEF (International Consultants for Education and Fairs) in 1991 to spearhead the ICEF Workshop series, which invigorated and internationalised the agent workshop concept. Since their beginning, ICEF Workshops have brought together tens of thousands of institutions and agents from 140 countries.

By the end of the decade, ICEF had also established two affiliate companies catering to new growth areas in international education; Internet Course Finders (now CourseFinders) and ICWE. CourseFinders, launched in 1998, is an Internet platform allowing students to research and discover schools and courses the world over. CourseFinders is now a major student recruitment portal with thousands of students from more than 150 countries using it daily.

ICWE led by Rebecca Stromeyer, operates the Expolingua specialised e-learning conferences (including the industry's premier e-learning event, Online Educa Berlin), and higher education events,such as the EAIE conference.

In 2004 Markus Badde assumed the leadership of ICEF applying insights and experience gained from working during the 1990s in Silicon Valley's fast-paced technology sector. Today, ICEF offers a host of results-oriented solutions tailored towards client needs.

Markus Badde / CEO

Markus Badde has a background in journalism and publishing. Markus studied at the prestigious CELSA (Sorbonne University – Paris IV) before working in the French media and communications sector. Markus co-founded ICEF in 1991.

After his first stint at ICEF, Markus went on to hold various senior marketing positions at Cisco Systems, the world leader in Internet networking, before rejoining ICEF as CEO in 2004. Markus speaks seven languages and is at home nearly anywhere in the world.

James Love / COO / CFO

After going to Westminster School, James Love obtained a BSc in Monetary Economics from LSE. James began his career as a chartered accountant at PWC before spending 10 years in France with Société Générale and Apax Partners advising companies on acquisitions. He then went on to lead major business development initiatives for British Telecom in Europe and Asia before setting up a venture capital backed software start up in 1999.

After selling his company in 2004, James focused on transforming the sales performance of a number of businesses before joining ICEF in 2009. James is bilingual (English/French) and believes passionately in the power of education.

Isabel Vogt / VP – Events & Logistics

Isabel Vogt holds a Master's degree in Communications, Media Studies & Political Science from the Freie Universität Berlin, Germany. Before joining ICEF in 1996, she held various jobs at publications owned by the Gruner + Jahr Media Group in Berlin.

Isabel has held a number of positions at ICEF, most recently VP of Events and Logistics, which she has held since 2009. During her time at ICEF, Isabel has been responsible for the conceptualisation and successful organisation of over 200 events in 38 countries around the world. Isabel is based in the South West of the UK, where she has lived for over 15 years.

Rod Hearps / VP – Asia Pacific

Since 1989 Rod Hearps has worked across diverse roles within the international education industry. Rod has taught ESL, worked as a Principal and as the Marketing Manager of an Australian ELICOS College. He co-owned an education agency for 7 years during the 90's, and started recruiting international students via the internet in 1994. Rod was also an early pioneer of student enquiry generation. Rod joined ICEF in 2006 and created the ICEF ANZA Workshop in 2007.

Mike Henniger / VP – Sales & Marketing

Mike Henniger joined ICEF in early 2015. Mike previously held senior positions in the language, vocational and post secondary sectors. Mike has been actively involved in the marketing and recruitment sphere in international education for more than 15 years and is a regular presenter and panelist at international education conferences. Mike specialises in cross media marketing, brand advocacy, social media strategies and effectively using agents to maximize international student recruitment.

International students who want to study English in the USA will find a great variety of quality English language programmes through English USA (AAIEP). Nearly 300 English USA members offer intensive English language programmes located in university and college settings or city centres across the USA. The English language programmes offered by English USA members are of the highest quality - all member programmes are accredited by ACCET, CEA, or operate under the governance of regionally accredited colleges or universities.

ALTO is the global forum for agents, schools and language travel associations. ALTO is a platform for its members to network, create trading opportunities and act on issues facing the industry. Membership is open to companies, associations and authorities actively engaged in language and educational travel. ALTO is a founding sector association member of the World Youth Student & Educational (WYSE) Travel Confederation.

The British Educational Travel Association (BETA) is the umbrella body representing producers and suppliers of youth, student and educational travel related products. BETA has raised awareness of this important, yet previously under-represented sector and created an environment that encourages enhanced trading between organisations and better access to government departments and other public sector bodies.

The EAIE is a non-profit organisation whose main aim is the stimulation and facilitation of the internationalisation of higher education in Europe and around the world, and to meet the professional needs of individuals active in international education. The EAIE has a committed membership of more than 1 800 international education professionals - from rectors to professors to international exchange coordinators. The EAIE is dedicated to serving and representing this membership.

NAFSA: Association of International Educators is a member organisation promoting international education and providing professional development opportunities to the field. Hundreds of NAFSA members volunteer to serve the association and thousands advocate for international education.

The World Youth Student and Educational (WYSE) Travel Confederation is a global not-for-profit membership organisation dedicated to promoting and developing opportunities for young travellers and the youth, student and educational travel industry that serves them. The WYSE network consist of more than 600 members from 120 countries.
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Established in 1993, ABLS is currently the only association in the UK EFL industry that specifically promotes the interests of private and independent sector providers. ABLS is an efficient, self-governing association whose members are committed to offering high quality language training. Members range from traditional language schools to home-stay and other specialist providers.

Australian Council for Private Education and Training (ACPET) is a national industry association for independent providers of post-compulsory education and training, for Australian and international students, including: Higher Education, Vocational Education and Training, English Language Courses, Senior Secondary Studies and Foundation Studies. ACPET has over 1100 members with nearly 600 delivering to international students in Australia.

The Ukrainian Association of International Education and Exchange Agencies (AIEEA) is non-profit organisation established in 2012 by leading Ukrainian agencies providing consultancy services in International Education and Exchange Programmes. The aim of the association is to support the members and promote and develop the International Education and Exchanges Industry in Ukraine, as well as provide high quality, reliable services. The founder members of the AIEEA are highly qualified Ukrainian agencies, many with over 10 years of experience in the industry and are benchmark for quality. AIEEA also offers support services to Educators including marketing intelligence and assistance in meeting reliable local agencies.

Founded in 2008, AIRC is a non-profit 501(c)(3) membership association of accredited U.S. post-secondary institutions and student recruitment agencies which work together to establish quality standards for international student placement within the United States. AIRC is a Standards Development Organization registered with the U.S. Department of Justice and the Federal Trade Commission.

The Mexican Association of Educational Travel is committed to promoting a culture of international education, and seeks to create a standard of quality and professionalization within the industry through the cooperation amongst its players.
AMTE is formed by some of the most important educational travel agencies in Mexico, highly regarded schools, diplomatic missions in our country and service providers that continue to innovate the scene of international education. In addition, AMTE has the support of several renowned international organizations that are deeply committed to the global development of our industry.

Our mission is to group the Colombian agencies, whose purpose is to promote studies abroad, in order to work for: 1. Compliance with high quality standards 2. The competent, appropriate and ethical exercise of brokerage management 3. The provision of protective mechanisms for the client, against illegal practices 4. To develop the interests of its members in an atmosphere of permanent feedback and healthy competition 5. Ensure a greater number of Colombian students have access to these programmes

Association of Russian Educational Advisors was founded in 2007. The Association unites leading education agencies in Russia. The Association of Russian Educational Advisors works to develop the study abroad industry, implement high quality standards and support the interests of Association members. Working with AREA members you can be sure that: you are dealing with experienced consultants, you can rely on your partners, and get the best market expertise.

The BC Council for International Education (BCCIE) is a learner-driven, non-government agency funded by the province of British Columbia (BC). BCCIE represents the province's public and accredited private K-12, post-secondary, career college and language institutions to international learners around the world. BCCIE is committed to advancing the international education interests of the province of BC.

Belta - Brazilian Educational & Language Travel Association - gathers the major Brazilian institutions offering courses, training and exchange programs abroad. Founded on June 1, 1992, Belta is an acknowledged association in Brazil and abroad. Currently, its members represent more than 90% of the international education market. As specialists in international education, Belta members act as operators of courses abroad and offer guidance to their clients in regards to the best educational opportunities.

BOSSA (Beijing Overseas Study Services Association) is a government-supported industry association of member educational agencies founded in 2004. BOSSA operates under the direction of the Chinese Ministry of Education and the Beijing Municipal Education Commission and currently has over 70 agency members. It assists the Chinese government in setting policies and standards on study in China and abroad services, and reinforces proper management of the study abroad industry. BOSSA is a non-profit independent organisation of international influence that is devoted to promoting the development of domestic and international education. BOSSA is the only organisation of its kind that is recognised by the Chinese government.

CAPS-I is a non-profit association of 130 publicly-funded school districts/boards and sets the standard for quality international programs in Canada.  Member schools offer international short/long term student programs for various grade levels ranging from primary to high school graduation. Over 75% of our international students are referred through education agencies.

The Canadian Bureau for International Education (CBIE) is a national, bilingual, not-for-profit, membership organisation dedicated to the promotion of Canada's international relations through international education: the free movement of ideas and learners across national boundaries. CBIE's activities comprise scholarship management, civil society and public sector reform, research and information services, advocacy, training programmes, professional development for international educators and other services for members and learners.

Founded in 1981, China Education Association for International Exchange (CEAIE) is China’s largest and most experienced nationwide not-for-profit organization in the field of international education exchange and cooperation. It’s headquarters are in Beijing. CEAIE has established long-term working relationships with over 170 educational organisations in more than 50 countries and regions. CEAIE is committed to delivering international education programmes and services, with the aim of enhancing international exchange and cooperation, promoting the development of education, culture, science and technology, and strengthening mutual understanding and friendship around the world.

The Council of International Education & Language Travel (CIEL) was founded in June 2007 and is registered by the Ministry of Transport, Infrastructure and Construction. CIEL is the largest study abroad organisation in Japan aiming to improve the quality of international educational, language travel and youth travel programmes. All members are inspected by the ministry and are requested by law to have sufficient funds, bonds and safety measures to protect consumers.

COICEC (Confederación de organizacionesde Intercambio cultural del Ecuador) was formed in 2009 to assure the integrity and credibility of the Ecuadorian agencies recruiting students. The aim of the confederation is to support its members while promoting and supporting the International Education and exchange industry in Ecuador as well as to provide a high standard and reliable service to all clients. The COICEC founding members are highly qualified Ecuadorian agencies many with over 20 years of experience within the industry and are the benchmark for quality. For these reasons, memberships are restricted to reliable and experienced specialists in the field only.

EAQA – European Association of Quality Agencies, founded in September 2011, is a non-for-profit professional association bringing together non-governmental education consultancy agencies in selected European countries. Agencies provide advisory and counseling services for students who would like to travel and pursue an education abroad. EAQA’s goal is to help education abroad industry development, to support high quality standards and represent interests of its members. Our mission is to assure brand for its members, to be guarantee of high standards and to promote trustworthy, healthy and strong quality European agencies.

The Educational Consultancy Association of Nepal (ECAN) was registered at The Chief District Administrating Office (CDO), Kathmandu, Nepal on B.S 2054/5/13 - 29th August 1997 - to ensure member organizations provide proper information, guidance and counselling to parents who want to send their children abroad to their further education. ECAN has now come up with a Code of Conduct to regulate and monitor the activities of all ECAN member organizations so that the students and parents benefit from the ECAN Objectives.

Malaysia has an ambitious goal to reach an international student enrolment of 200,000 by 2020, and is targeting further growth within Southeast Asia, as well as from China, India, and the Gulf Region. To accelerate its progress towards these goals, Education Malaysia Global Services (EMGS) – a private agency under the authority of the Malaysian Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE) – was created, in order to brand and market the country as an international education destination. 

English New Zealand is the voice of the English language sector in New Zealand, comprising a group of well-established, quality English language schools located across New Zealand. English New Zealand is a registered society that incorporates the long-standing organisation known as FIELSNZ (Federation of Independent English Language Schools of New Zealand), which was set up in 1986. Member schools offer quality English language tuition, teacher training (TESOL) and pathways into universities, colleges of education and other tertiary institutions in New Zealand.

English Australia is the national peak body for the English language sector of international education in Australia. English Australia represents over 120 member colleges throughout Australia that provide quality English language programs to students and professionals from around the world. Over 80% of international students learning English in Australia choose to study with an English Australia member college. As an association, English Australia has a focus on representing colleges whose core business is English language teaching, providing best practice support and expertise to member colleges and promoting the English language sector with global visionary leadership.

English New Zealand is the voice of the English language sector in New Zealand, comprising a group of well-established, quality English language schools located across New Zealand. English New Zealand is a registered society that incorporates the long-standing organisation known as FIELSNZ (Federation of Independent English Language Schools of New Zealand), which was set up in 1986. Member schools offer quality English language tuition, teacher training (TESOL) and pathways into universities, colleges of education and other tertiary institutions in New Zealand.

The FDSV, a federation of German language tour operators, was founded in 1977 with the goal to set quality standards for customers which are verifiable and to which all FDSV-members adhere. Through regular review, an independent advisory council guarantees that the FDSV quality directives are being kept and that the information provided in the members’ advertising catalogues is correct.

Currently there are 76 schools of Spanish under FEDELE’s “umbrella of protection”, whose main activity is teaching Spanish to foreigners. The FEDELE schools endeavour to teach Spanish in the full extent of the term, thus including Spain’s history and its cultural diversity. For this reason, membership is comprised of schools from the Canary Islands, Andalusia, Castilla and León, Catalonia, the Valencia Community, the Madrid Community and the Basque Country.

Established in 1994, Groupement FLE brings together schools teaching French in France which offer a wide range of quality services to students, business people or people just interested in learning French in France during a language stay. Our schools propose a wide range of French courses: general French, specific purposes courses, courses for teachers of French, preparation for DELF/DALF exams, junior vacation courses. Groupement FLE also aims to promote its member schools, as well as sharing experience and knowledge to improve quality standards. This ‘quality reference’ is based on criteria, firm commitments and audits, outlined in a reference document, to which all Groupement FLE member schools adhere.

The International Association of Language Centres was founded in 1983 by eight private language schools in Europe and North America and has since grown to become a global association for private, independent language schools. Today, the IALC network of schools extends across the world, from Auckland to Tokyo, via St Petersburg and Galway to Montréal and down to San José and Santiago. IALC is proud to play a role in helping people to communicate with each other, learn about other cultures, and to discover and enjoy a diverse and fascinating world.

International Education Consultants Association was established to develop education service both in Taiwan and overseas, to promote international education and culture, and to enhance cooperative interests. Main task and aim are expanding the market of both international and domestic education programs and developing the industry system of studying abroad in Taiwan.

The International Graduate Insight Group (i-graduate) is an independent benchmarking and research service, delivering comparative insights for the education sector worldwide: your finger on the pulse of student and stakeholder opinion. i-graduate delivers an advanced range of dedicated market research and consultancy services for the education sector. The i-graduate network brings international insight, risk assessment and reassurance across strategy and planning, recruitment, delivery and relationship management. i-graduate's consultants and advisors are some of the most experienced professionals in international education, recruitment and market research. On behalf of ICEF, i-graduate conducts regular surveys amongst education agents worldwide called "The ICEF Agent Barometer", monitoring their opinions and providing valuable insight into agents' perceptions of international education markets and institutions. The Barometer also covers what agents see as the most effective marketing strategies for education institutions and what institutions need to provide in terms of support for the agents they work with.

The International House World Organisation (IHWO) is a network of language schools worldwide that are committed to implementing high standards of quality and innovation in education and training. There are currently over 140 schools in more than 40 countries.

Independent Tertiary Education New Zealand (ITENZ) is the pre-eminent national association for private tertiary providers in New Zealand, representing almost half the private tertiary training establishments in the country. ITENZ is recognised by the government and government agencies as the main representative of the sector. ITENZ is dedicated to uniting the private tertiary education (PTE) sector and representing the collective membership in a competitive and challenging political environment. All provider members of ITENZ are registered with the New Zealand Qualifications Authority and are quality assured through the authority.

The Japan Association of Overseas Study (JAOS) takes on a supportive role within the education industry by responsibly gathering diverse members of the study abroad community in order to find solutions to study abroad related issues and problems. Simultaneously, JAOS educates consumers about the industry and creates a dependable study abroad environment by building strong mutual relationships between member organisations, educational organisations both at home and abroad, Japanese government institutions and foreign governments

Formed on March 3, 1987, the Korea Overseas Study Association (KOSA) represents providers of counselling and education consulting to students and professionals who wish to pursue an education abroad.

Languages Canada represents more than 225 private and public language education members across Canada that offer accredited English and French programmes. Through strong international partnerships, collaboration with Canadian governments, and exceptional quality assurance, we work to ensure a bright future for international students studying English and French in Canada.

Marcom eSchedule PRO by Marcom Connect provides innovative web solutions for international projects. Our expertise is in providing customised or turnkey solutions for all your scheduling needs (appointment scheduling, conference scheduling, service scheduling, room booking, equipment reservation…). Marcom Website Manager is the ultimate Content Management System for marketing professionals who want a user-friendly and highly scalable solution to take control of their website.

"Ryugaku Kyokai" (Study Abroad Support Council) is a specified nonprofit organisation (NPO) certified by the Japanese Cabinet Office in 2003. As the number of students studying abroad increased, so did the number of students who encountered difficulties. We provide the assistance to, and ensure that young people who seek an overseas education can do so safely and without worry.

Professional International Education Resources (PIER) provides people working in international education with a suite of web-based courses, products and professional tools, including the Education Agent Training Course (EATC) for Australian-focused recruiters. Since 2006, PIER have trained and certified over 3,000 agents, and frequently conduct agency workshops and focus groups to explore changing attitudes and work practices. While based in Australia, PIER views international education through a global lens: we see our role as fostering excellence in international education worldwide.

Quality English is a quality brand which is committed to promoting high quality English language schools and their courses to international students. The schools which make up Quality English are independent and of the highest quality. QE schools deliver first class training to English language learners, QE schools are carefully selected for their quality and reputation, and offer a choice of general and specialised courses in contrasting locations. There are QE schools in the UK, Ireland, New Zealand, Canada, South Africa, Poland, Bosnia and Turkey.

The Group of Russian State Universities - RACUS offers over 500 medical, engineering, technical, economic and humanitarian specialities in Russian, English and French medium of instruction for Bachelor's, Master's and postgraduate programmes in 20 prestigious state universities in Russia. RACUS was founded in 1991 on the initiative and with the support of a group of Russian state universities. The structure of RACUS now includes 5 departments, representative offices in 61 countries around world as well as branch offices in 11 cities of the European part of Russia. RACUS carries out functions of the international departments of the state universities, representing them abroad at educational exhibitions, seminars and conferences; organising promotional activities, including the ones in media, of the universities in foreign countries; enroling foreign citizens wishing to study in Russian state universities; supervising and providing the students with help and assistance during the whole period of their studies in Russia (5-7 years).

SALTA (Swiss Association of Language Travel Agents) is the federation of language travel agents in Switzerland. Recognising that quality is essential for a successful study abroad experience, SALTA restricts its membership to reliable and experienced specialists in the field.

Study California is a membership-driven non-profit public benefit corporation of the State of California, formed for the purpose of bringing talented international students to diverse educational programmes offered by California’s institutions of higher education and English language programmes. Study California strives to increase the number of international students enrolling in California’s schools and universities, as well as to facilitate partnerships between California’s schools and schools abroad. It is an important mission of the organisation to embrace other culture and further cross-cultural understanding globally. We aim to make the state of California a top study destination worldwide!

The Studyconnecticut team is made up of a small group of talented individuals who have taken the lead on the Studyconnecticut project. This project is the culmination of a group venture between the Connecticut DECD, the US Commercial Service, and the state of Connecticut. The goal of Studyconnecticut is to enhance worldwide awareness of Connecticut as the premiere provider of education for student of all ages in the New England area. This site, whose concept was first proposed in the summer of 2011, is the result of the dedication and hard work of the staff US Commercial Service’s Export Assistance Office in Middletown, CT.

The story of Study New Jersey began in 2009, when various New Jersey universities, colleges, vocational schools, and training organisations came together with the mission of spreading the benefits and opportunities available in NJ to students worldwide. This mission soon became a reality. Today, our non-profit organisation of educational and industry professionals successfully spreads valid information about reaching, living, and studying in New Jersey. We truly believe that NJ is the best place to gain the American educational experience.

Study New York (SNY) is a growing consortium of accredited colleges, universities, and other educational institutions in the State of New York. As the largest consortium in the United States, SNY seeks to: 1)Promote New York State as a leading destination for international students 2) Increase the global visibility of Study New York member institutions and New York State 3) Facilitate partnerships focusing on international student recruitment, student and faculty exchanges, as well as study abroad opportunities 4) Increase Study New York member institutions’ access to opportunities for international recruiting, education missions, meetings and collaborative initiatives with the New York State Office of Economic Development and the US Departments of Commerce and State 5) Communicate best practices in international student services and recruitment

Study Georgia is a membership driven non-profit organization formed for the purpose of bringing talented international students to diverse educational programs offered by Georgia’s institutions of higher education and English language programs. Because the demand is so high for education in the United States, and because Georgia offers such a diversity of quality programs, Study Georgia was formed to offer students and advisors one place where individuals could search for programs.Study Georgia strives to increase the number of international students enrolling in Georgia's schools and universities, as well as to facilitate partnerships between Georgia's schools and schools abroad. It is an important mission of the organization to embrace other cultures and further cross-cultural understanding globally. We hope to make the state of Georgia a top study destination worldwide! If you are looking for a school in Georgia, or if you would like to help us facilitate Study Georgia's goals, please use the "Contact Study Georgia" link at the bottom of the page. We would love to hear from you!

StudyMississippi is a consortium of accredited educational institutions in the U.S. State of Mississippi whose purpose is to connect international students and professionals with quality Mississippi education and training. Members include high schools, community colleges, public and private colleges and universities, and professional English language schools. StudyMississippi institutions offer thousands of degrees to choose from, and are found in rural, suburban and urban settings.

Study Texas represents 25 Texas institutions of higher education. These institutions represent the spectrum from two-year community colleges to Research 1 level institutions granting bachelor, masters and doctoral degrees. Many of these institutions also have English as a Second Language Programmes to help those international students who do not know enough English to go directly into the institution.

'Study and Research in St Petersburg' is a unique, government backed platform developed in close cooperation with The Association of Vice-rectors for International Relations of St.Petersburg. A number of important services both to foreign students as well as to local universities is being provided. Study and Research supplies universities with up-to-date information about the international education market, including upcoming conferences and events, as well as supporting universities to attract foreign students to study in Russia through their website and facilitating cooperation with other institutions.

The Studyconnecticut team is made up of a small group of talented individuals who have taken the lead on the Studyconnecticut project. This project is the culmination of a group venture between the Connecticut DECD, the US Commercial Service, and the state of Connecticut. The goal of Studyconnecticut is to enhance worldwide awareness of Connecticut as the premiere provider of education for student of all ages in the New England area. This site, whose concept was first proposed in the summer of 2011, is the result of the dedication and hard work of the staff US Commercial Service’s Export Assistance Office in Middletown, CT.

Study Western Massachusetts is an International Education Consortium dedicated to welcoming international students and promoting educational opportunities in Western Massachusetts. Our consortium is a diverse group of educational institutions and our members include public and private colleges and universities, community colleges, and an Intensive English Language training organization.

StudyWisconsin is a non-profit group of higher educational and training organizations (Intensive English Language) in the state of Wisconsin. StudyWisconsin members are committed to connecting international students and professionals with quality Wisconsin higher education and training through joint international marketing activities.

The Association of Boarding Schools (TABS) is a voluntary membership organization for nearly 300 boarding schools in the United States, Canada, and abroad. The independently incorporated non-profit organization exclusively serves the marketing and professional development needs of college-preparatory boarding schools, and provides information for families and other individuals about the benefits of living and learning in a residential setting.

The study abroad market in Turkey is growing and is currently represented by over 200 educational agents assisting students in Turkey. TEAG - Turkish Education Agents Group - aims to provide a platform for agents to share concerns and exchange ideas in order to better serve their students.

UED (The Association of International Educational Counselors - Turkey) is the association which brings together the most reliable, experienced and qualified International Educational Consulting companies of Turkey who satisfy UED's very high membership conditions. UED, founded in 2001, has 44 member agencies now and its market share in agency business is 55%. UED always guarantees the quality of their member agencies' services and is ready to support international education providers if they have any issues with a UED member agencies.

YEDAB (International Education Counsellors Association of Turkey) Founded in May 2013 as a consequence of years of hard work in order to give the international education sector the importance it deserves in the field, our association set out with the aim of establishing unity and integrity within the sector. With over 70 members, YEDAB is the biggest Association of the International Education sector in Turkey.

Founded by 103 Study Abroad Counseling Agencies in July 2013, to set service standards for the study abroad counseling business and to bring the whole sector together in Turkey. YEDAD (Study Abroad Counselors and Agencies Association) is the widest participated association of the study abroad sector in Turkey. With it’s 118 members out of the 250 agencies in the study abroad sector, YEDAD is the strongest entity in Turkey in this field, partnering with NGOs, official institutions and embassies/consulates in Turkey, also pertnering with educational establishments and professional bodies abroad. The goal of YEDAD is to bring together the distinct members of the sector on common grounds in terms of the study abroad business.

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