ICEF About our Virtual Events

About our Virtual Events

What are ICEF Virtual Events?

Our virtual events take ICEF’s 30 years of networking and relationship-building online.

We think there’s always going to be an important role for in-person events to play, and we know how valuable you find meeting your partners face-to-face. That said, we know it’s not always convenient or possible to travel to one of our in-person events. For that reason, we’ve designed our virtual events to bring many of the same networking and learning opportunities as our physical events.

Combining dedicated meeting sessions, thought leadership presentations, and informal networking spaces, our virtual events are accessible from the device of your choice, wherever you are in the world. Unlike many online networking conferences, we have worked hard with our virtual events to preserve the impromptu social element which we know our partners value. In addition, our virtual events are good for the planet since they create less waste and help you reduce your emissions by avoiding international travel.

Who attends ICEF Virtual Events?

Professionals from right across the international education industry take part in our virtual events to build new partnerships and strengthen existing connections.

Education Agents

We are proud to host carefully-vetted student recruitment agents, who represent the most qualified and trusted professionals within their territories, and who have demonstrated a consistent track record of successful student placement. The agents who are chosen to attend our virtual events are frequently able to help educational institutions reach new prospective students and expand awareness of their programmes.

Educational Institutions

Education providers, including universities, colleges and schools attend our virtual events looking for trusted partners to help them access new student markets.

Other organisations

Alongside our student recruitment agents and educational institutions, we also welcome other organisations which enhance the international student experience by offering products or services relevant to our industry. These include student accommodation providers, insurance & financial service companies, edtech and software partners, purveyors of logistics and supplies, training, testing and accreditation bodies, as well as all associations, cultural institutions and government bodies from all over the world.

Why attend an ICEF Virtual Event?

If you’re looking to touch base with existing partners, or keep your finger on the pulse of what’s happening in the market, our virtual events offer the perfect solution. We bring together key decision makers from across international education, opening you up to meet new business partners, refresh existing connections, and learn about the issues impacting our industry today, wherever you are in the world.

Upcoming ICEF Events

To find out more about our upcoming virtual events and how they can help you, click on the links below:

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