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Welcome to VR from ICEF

Empty classrooms and corridors don’t sell schools, students and their stories do. Bring them to life with VR for student enrollment from ICEF.

Our uniquely engaging VR experiences have been designed for the education sector, and tailor themselves to the interests of your viewers based upon the choices they make as they interact with your content, building an immediate and powerful connection with your audience. Thanks to our unmatched industry expertise, we are able to maximise your appeal to prospective students through immersive VR.

With VR solutions suitable for any situation, we ensure your prospects can access your content anytime and on any device, helping engage them with your story, wherever they are.

Why should I use VR?

Build trust

Build a strong connection with your prospects through this uniquely engaging medium. Viewers feel a stronger emotional connection than reading your latest brochure or watching a video, enabling them to quickly build trust in your brand.


Boost your applications

Including VR in your communications mix is proven to increase applications from students. Institutions that have VR experiences on their website see an average 22% increase in applications (source: YouVisit).


Student welfare

Allowing students and their families to experience your campus in VR is shown to greatly reduce arrival anxiety for students and their loved ones, meaning they can focus on what is really important.

Affordable distribution

Advances in technology mean that VR is affordable, and already in the homes of many of your prospective students. In 2019, there were 171 million active users of VR, the majority aged 15 – 21 (Statista). VR is not the future – it is the present.


Future-proof and flexible

Guarantee engagement into the future with VR. Once built, you can easily expand your existing VR experience or update it over time with new or existing assets, making it a powerful and cost-effective communications tool.


Access from anywhere

Prospective students can experience your campus without having to physically travel – opening you up to a whole new audience. Show off your classes and accommodation options, or help prospective students experience your city.


Our VR solutions

WebVR is our VR experience designed to be experienced on a flat screen, instead of in goggles or a mobile device. Every ICEF VR experience includes WebVR included so that you can easily and cost-effectively showcase your experience on your website.

With WebVR, you can take advantage of attractive 360 video scenes viewable in 4K resolution, and can embed web links or email addresses to facilitate onward user journeys.

Enhanced WebVR builds upon WebVR to offer a powerful experience to your audience. Shot specifically for flat screens, Enhanced WebVR seamlessly integrates with your existing digital content and can include links and downloadable content, as well as be linked to your Google Analytics account, helping you track your prospects.

With Enhanced WebVR, we have introduced quick loading to our 360 video scenes, and increased the resolution to enable ultra-high 8K viewing, greatly increasing the speed and immersion for your prospects. In addition, Enhanced WebVR includes integrated forms and brochures alongside web links and email addresses to enhance data capture and improve conversion prospects.

Our VR projects

Student Accommodation - Londonist DMC


At Londonist DMC, we always look for revolutionary digital marketing solutions and innovative ways to interact with our target audience. During the quarantine, all onsite viewings have stopped, the Londonist VR tour came just in time to offer our customers the best possible way to remotely experience our services. Our key agents and potential customers get a real taste of the Londonist experience without having to land in London. We continue to get bookings and fill our rooms for the new academic year by doing online VR viewings.

The amazing ICEF VR team did an excellent job at capturing the feeling. At the Londonist VR tour and experience, the audience is immersed in a virtual world, where they can wander around, interact with the environment and perform a series of actions. For example, the viewers can “book” a room at the reception, “relax” at the communal areas, “do” yoga at the gym, “join” a painting class, “wander” around the rooms and many more. They don’t necessarily need a set of VR goggles; they can experience the Londonist VR Experience easily on our website with their phones or computers.

– Asim Erturk, Managing Director, Londonist

Long Bay College, a high school in New Zealand


The result of our VR experience has been outstanding – over 400 students were animated and fully engaged in the whole experience and absolutely loved it; it opened up a lot of really positive conversations with the staff too.

The quality of the VR film has gone far beyond what we expected and our principal spent 90 minutes on it, fully engrossed and really enjoying the experience. We have also received comments from commercial experts that the quality of the VR film is excellent, the best they have ever seen. One of our local organisations has already asked if they can use the link to attract people to the area.

Many, many thanks to you all. We are really over the moon with the finished product – and the ‘we’ is now far more extensive than we originally thought! Thank you too for all the encouragement, guidance, support and understanding you gave us along the journey – as well as a huge amount of patience!

– Jayne Jones, Deputy Principal

International House London, a language school in the United Kingdom


The virtual reality tour is one of the biggest and most exciting projects IH London has undertaken as a school. The goal was to use technology and innovation to widen the opportunities for channelling. Customer satisfaction is key and giving them the ultimate experience of the school and city from anywhere in the world is something quite spectacular. Students and partners around the world have experienced our tour first hand and the feedback has been nothing less than astounding. We chose to work with the ICEF team on this project and have been incredibly impressed with their creative and innovative approach in leading the way and delivering fantastic results!

– Eva Uddin, Head of Marketing

Higher School of Economics St Petersburg, Russia

College - Global School of Entrepreneurship, Netherlands