ICEF Agency Status Programme

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ICEF Agency Status (IAS)

Reference checked, reviewed  and approved

ICEF Events have become synonymous with agent quality. For 30 years we have been vetting agencies to ensure that only the best are accepted to attend our events. In 2010, we launched a formal recognition programme, the ICEF Agency Status (IAS) acknowledging education agencies who have met ICEF’s strict standard of quality.

To qualify for ICEF Agency Status (IAS), eligible agencies must:

  • Provide four references from reputable education institutions
  • Provide details of any agency association memberships
  • Submit details of business practices to ICEF for review
  • Pass a vetting call with one of our Agency Relationship Managers
  • Include a comprehensive programme recruitment update

In recognition of their achievement, and to help education providers find quality partners, these agencies are entitled to identify themselves as having achieved ICEF Agency Status (IAS). Recipient organisations are provided with a certificate and IAS badge which features their own unique QR Code. This code links to a secure digital certificate that shows which agency it belongs to and the expiry date of the certification.

Why is this important for your business – especially now?

Display and have your verified qualifications easily accessible to potential education
partners ensuring your business operations are being seen as successful and viable.

The cost of processing your IAS credential is €250.


Education Providers, students and families

We have invested in next-generation blockchain technology for the provision and distribution of these digital credentials. Employing OpenCerts technology, developed by the Singapore Government (GovTech), ICEF ID allows you to validate your ICEF Agency Status in just seconds, to anyone, anywhere.


Agencies that have earned IAS are re-evaluated every year to ensure ongoing compliance with ICEF’s standards. Educators, students and families can easily check the validity of an agency’s accreditation in one of two ways:

  • QR Code – Agencies display their IAS certificate in their office, as well as their own unique and verifiable ”ICEF ID” on their business cards and brochures. Scan the QR code with a smartphone to check the validity and see further information
  • IAS Badge Link – Agencies also display their ICEF ID on their website and other online assets. Simply click the badge to check the validity and see further information