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Giving young people access to education – worldwide

The ICEF Education Fund helps disadvantaged young people around the world to access education. To assist these young people on their path to education, personal growth, and social involvement, we provide support to hand-picked promising educational projects in areas where funding is either difficult to obtain or non-existent. The ICEF Education Fund has donated to educational projects across the globe, from Brazil to India and beyond. Please see below to find out more about our recent projects and what you can do to get involved.

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Some past projects

Heart Children’s Home - Kenya

The work we have done in Kenya is focused on providing food, shelter, medical care, support, and education to local children.

In 2016, long-time clients of ICEF – French in Normandy (FIN) – participated in the Mongol Rally to raise funds for Heart Children’s Home in Kenya. The ICEF Education Fund supported their initiative by donating €2,000, which covered transportation costs for the entire journey.

The Heart Children’s Home organization, created and run by ICEF partner agent Julia Steiner, provides shelter, food, medical care, support, and education to 24 children in Malindi, Kenya.

ICEF’s CEO, Markus Badde said: “It is fantastic to see the ICEF community working together and supporting each other in charitable ventures. Education is the key to building stronger communities and breaking the cycle of poverty.”

Learn more about this project here.


Hands Across the Water (HATW) - Thailand

The goal of our work in Thailand was to help house and educate children who would otherwise struggle.

In 2019, ICEF’s Rod and Cathy Hearps cycled for six days, covering a total of 500km, ending at the Hands Across the Water sponsored New Life Home near Kanchanaburi, Thailand.

To aid this noble cause, the ICEF Education Fund contributed AU$ 4,200 on behalf of each organisation which booked a table or booth at ICEF ANZA 2019 in Darwin. Through joining the trip, Rod and Cathy raised another AU$ 10,934, taking the total contribution of the ICEF Education Fund to AU$ 15,134. In total, the participating group of riders were able to raise over AU$ 380,000.

Rod and Cathy personally funded every part of the ride along with the journeys to and within Thailand meaning all monies raised went directly to HATW homes and projects, without having to cover administrative or overhead costs.

Learn more about this project here.