FAQ on the US Agent Training Course (USATC)


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What is the USATC?

The USATC is specifically for education agents counselling foreign students who wish to study in the US at any level (from elementary to post-graduate) and in any programme.
The course is available online and is delivered free of charge. Agents taking this self-paced course can study one section at a time and progress through the course as it suits them. Once they feel confident with the course material, they can take the USATC examination that is available online through the USATC website, at all ICEF events, and at related international education events when advertised. If agents complete the examination successfully, they will be identified by ICEF as a USCG on the ICEF website.

Why should agents take the USATC?

The US is the most attractive study destination in the world, and therefore is a natural area of focus for many agents. Part of the reason the US is so popular is its commitment to standards within its education sector and its rigorous oversight of the stakeholders within it. Agents who wish to be successful in working with both American education institutions and international students will benefit from the depth of knowledge and resources, and the commitment to excellence provided by this course. Completing the USATC is an important component of agents being viewed positively by US institutions and international students.

What recognition do agents receive upon passing the USATC examination?

Education agencies with staff who have passed the USATC will have their names listed on the ICEF US Course Graduates (USCGs) list. This does not mean they have authorisation, endorsement, or accreditation by any US-based entity or organisation, but it does mean that students and institutions the world over will see which agents have made the commitment to taking the US Agent Training Course and acquired the knowledge and guidelines it delivers.