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This course supports professional training for agency-based counsellors in China

ICEF Agent Training ICEF China Education Agent Course (CEAC)

About this course

Welcome to the China Education Agent Course (CEAC), a professional, online Chinese-language training course offered by ICEF in partnership with BOSSA, a government-supported industry association of member educational agencies.

The CEAC is designed to support excellence and professional standards in international education. It is aimed at Chinese agency-based study abroad advisers and student counsellors. It provides them with:
  • An understanding of the overall international education market and the main destination countries for international students
  • The research skills to analyse destination countries and their education products and processes
  • The functional dynamics of dealing with students, education institutions, and governments

The CEAC covers three areas:

  • The Context of International Education: Destination countries, education systems, legal requirements, and visas
  • The People in International Education: Students, education institutions’ personnel, and immigration authorities
  • Promoting International Education: Working effectively, marketing, and ethics

Education agents play a significant role in counselling and referring students to international education providers. This role is mainly fulfilled by study abroad advisers, who will benefit from the CEAC. The CEAC is a Chinese version of the IATC, translated by ICEF and customised by BOSSA.

ICEF introduced the IATC as a means of raising the standard of quality and the professionalism of study aboard advisers. The course was originally developed based on the input of 769 education agents from 113 countries and 437 education institutions from 78 countries. Further input was given by the IATC Advisory Board, comprised of 30 director-level individuals from education agencies, education institutions, and official organisations in 18 countries.

The CEAC instructs study abroad advisers in fundamental knowledge and functional skills. The adviser gains a “big picture” perspective of how to research and market destination countries, and recruit students for their education institutions and courses. The course also provides a conceptual framework to build detailed knowledge of a destination country, its education system and institutions, and its immigration processes.

In the CEAC, key concepts are reinforced and expanded across lessons. In each lesson, they are linked to related concepts to aid memory retention and promote wider cognitive connections. By the end of the course, the study abroad adviser should possess a broad conceptual framework for their role in international education.

The CEAC has three Course Units (A). Each unit is divided into lessons (A.1), each lesson is divided into pages (A.1.1), and each page may have a number of segments. Information is cross-referenced with hyperlinks.

The course units contain three types of questions/exercises:

  • Focus Questions: To prepare the student for information in each lesson.
  • Extension Questions: These assist in applying knowledge gained from the course. They ensure that study abroad advisers are always able to give accurate, comprehensive, and up-to-date information to prospective students, especially with regard to specific destination countries.
  • Activities: Learning tools at the end of each page which allow study essential information to be reinforced.

请注意:TEST不提供某一国家所特有的机构、规章制度、文件或申请流程的具体信息。CEAC是针对所有目的地国家的基础性通用课程。它为留学顾问们提供 实用的、适用于大多数目的地国家的一般原则,同时CEAC还提供每个目的地国家详细的后续研究和实际应用的链接。重要提示:目的地国家的具体信息不在考试 范围内。

NOTE: It is beyond the scope of the CEAC to provide specific information about the institutions, regulations, documents, or procedures unique to each destination country. This is a general course to provide a foundation for dealing with all destination countries. The CEAC provides the study abroad adviser with practical training in the general principles and functions common to most destination countries and provides links to each country for detailed follow-up research and practical application.

Who can benefit from this course?

  • New entrants: Individuals wishing to enter the international education industry as study abroad advisers.
  • New study abroad advisers: The CEAC is an excellent training tool for new staff members at agencies.
  • Practising study abroad advisers: The CEAC provides up-to-date information about international education principles and processes.


Related testing and assessment sessions are organised by BOSSA. Participants who complete the CEAC test successfully will receive a Certificate from both ICEF and BOSSA, confirming them as China ICEF Trained Agent Counsellors (CITAC) and recognising them internationally as qualified consultants for the international education industry.

Successful candidates will also have their name, photo, and company details including their website featured on the China ICEF Trained Agent Counsellor (CITAC) list and BOSSA site. All graduates will also be included in the Qualified Education Agents (QEA) app for smartphones produced by ICEF and PIER. This contains the names of more than 10 000 qualified agents worldwide – a valuable resource for educators looking to connect with expert agencies!

Information about our recognition programme and agency screening for ICEF Events can be found here:

Agent Quality and Screening
ICEF Agency Recognition Programme


The final test comprises 50 online multiple-choice questions to be answered in 90 minutes. During the test, candidates will have access to online and offline resources. They will not be tested on individual country information/regulations, only on all the other sections of the CEAC. Candidates may use personal notes or information presented online from the course content during the test, but they will not be allowed to phone anyone or ask other people for assistance.

To schedule a testing option, please email to reserve your testing slot. Once you have registered for the course and test, you have one year in which to sit the formal exam.

You will be automatically notified of your result as soon as you have finished. If you have passed, you will receive your CITAC Certificate and personal CITAC number shortly after.

To prepare for the formal test, you can take the CEAC self-assessment test, which can be found on the right-hand side of the CEAC homepage once you have logged in. This self-assessment test is identical in structure to the formal CEAC test. Each question has only one correct answer, and all questions are based on the CEAC content. At the end of the self-assessment, you will receive your result. We encourage only those who pass the self-assessment to attempt the formal test. The pass mark is 80%. Please keep practising until you have reached a good result on the self-assessment. Important: destination country information will not be tested.


Please contact BOSSA at for all pricing information.


The designation of China ICEF Trained Agent Counsellor (CITAC) does not require participation at an ICEF event, nor are agents vetted or required to provide partner references to complete training and testing.

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