Chinese ICEF Trained Agent Counsellors (CITACs) List

The CITAC list provides easily accessible, detailed information on each Chinese ICEF Trained Agent Counsellor (CITAC) and their education agency. CITACs are agency-based student counsellors who have successfully completed the China Education Agent  Course (CEAC) and have passed the CEAC formal test. These counsellors and their agencies can be found on a listing as well as via an interactive map shown below.

Click on any of the markers on the map to see the names and CITAC numbers of qualified student counsellors as well as details on their agency.

In geographical areas with a higher concentration of CITAC’s, a larger marker featuring a number will appear. Click on the marker to zoom in and see individual CITAC’s and their agencies. The CITAC list is generated automatically using Google Maps Geo-location tools. As not all addresses in the world can be accurately positioned on the map, some locations may not be displayed exactly.

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