Training for student recruitment counsellors

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Why take an ICEF Agent Training Course

Student recruitment agencies play a vital role in the international education industry. With changes in course entry standards and country visa requirements occurring constantly around the world, it is now more important than ever for agency-based student counsellors to keep abreast of the latest developments in global student mobility. With professional training courses from ICEF, they can.

If your job involves student counselling, then taking part in our high-quality professional development is an excellent means of distinguishing yourself in a competitive marketplace and demonstrating your expertise to prospective students and their parents, as well as to educational institutions. There’s no better way for you to stand out from the crowd, build trust, and attract new clients and partners for your agency.

Education agencies with counsellors who have completed an ICEF training course and passed the test tell us that they have successfully raised their profile, attracted new clients and become known as leaders within their field.

Benefits of ICEF Agent Training Courses

ICEF agent training courses are online, self-paced, industry-recommended courses that provide both new and current education agency-based student counsellors with professional expertise and up-to-date knowledge of world study destinations. They are also excellent training and resource tools for individuals wishing to keep up to speed with changes and developments in the international education industry, as well as for those who want to demonstrate their professionalism through recognised certification.

An official qualification is available to all candidates who complete our courses and pass the course exam. Successful graduates receive a badge with a unique ID number and a certification document from ICEF, recognising them internationally as qualified consultants for the international education industry.


As well as this, all qualified student counsellors have their name, badge with unique ID number, photo, company profile and contact details including website featured on relevant listings on

Graduates are also entered in the Qualified Education Agents (QEA) smartphone app for iOS and Android produced by ICEF and PIER. This app contains the names and company contact details of more than 10,000 qualified counsellors worldwide and includes location-based features and search functions – a most valuable resource for educators looking to connect with agencies employing international education experts!

Types of ICEF Agent Training Courses

We offer two types of agent training courses:

  • Professional courses. These training courses provide practical, professional training for agency-based international student recruitment counsellors, building knowledge of the industry, key destinations, fundamental skills and daily operations. These are a must-have for any student recruitment professional wishing to show their understanding of the fundamental principles of international education.
  • Destination courses. These training courses support the professional development of student recruitment counsellors wishing to specialise in a major study destination such as Canada, Ireland, or the USA. These courses are indispensable for international student recruitment professionals looking to show their expertise in key study destinations.

ICEF Agent Training Course


The ICEF Agent Training Course (IATC) is designed to support excellence and improved professional standards in international education. The IATC is a practical, professional training course for agency-based student counsellors.

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ICEF China Education Agent Course


The China Education Agent Course (CEAC) is a professional, online Chinese-language training course offered by ICEF in partnership with BOSSA, a government-supported industry association of member educational agencies. The CEAC is designed to support excellence and professional standards in international education. It is aimed at Chinese agency-based study abroad advisers and student counsellors.

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The Canada Course for Education Agents


The Canada Course for Education Agents (CCEA) supports professional development for agents specialising in Canada as a study destination. Originally produced by ICEF, Languages Canada and the Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade (DFAIT), the course is now jointly owned by ICEF, Languages Canada, and the Canadian Association of Public Schools International (CAPS-i).

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ICEF Irish Education Agent Course


The Irish Education Agent Course (IEAC), created and developed by ICEF, is the first of its kind and supports professional development for agents specialising in Ireland as a study destination. To ensure that agents have access to the most accurate and current information possible, this course was developed following extensive consultation with institutions and various stakeholders in Ireland, including organisations, associations, and government entities.

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ICEF US Agent Training Course


The US Agent Training Course, created and developed by ICEF, is the first of its kind and supports professional development for agents specialising in the USA as a study destination. Agents who take the USATC will acquire a firm foundation in the benefits and organisation of the US education system. Agents will also gain access to resources that help international students study in the US at the most appropriate institutions and in programmes that best meet their goals.

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