ICEF has partnered with Barton Carlyle, an experienced and trusted international education consultancy to develop and deliver ICEF Achieve.

Combining ICEF’s unparalleled market insights and Barton Carlyle’s team of international education specialists, ICEF Achieve is the most comprehensive professional development service in the industry. ICEF Achieve helps you to succeed in all aspects of international enrolment management.

 ICEF Achieve supports institutions seeking to:

  • Increase international student enrolments, increase the diversity of the international student population, or both
  • Develop strategies and goals aligned with the resources, capability, mission, and vision of the institution
  • Decide on the level of investment needed for large-scale initiatives such as off-shore campuses, major partnerships or significant market entry
  • Work effectively in partnership with agents/representatives, government bodies, other institutions, and service providers worldwide to deliver goals and objectives
  • Effectively navigate the risks involved in delivering an internationalisation strategy

 ICEF Achieve can deliver projects, which help:

  • Consider whether, how and when to enter / exit markets by looking at market feasibility and competition indicators
  • Explore possible responses to new initiatives, programmes and brand strengths
  • Develop effective market research and market intelligence capability

Does ICEF Achieve fit with ICEF Mentor?

ICEF Achieve fits alongside ICEF Mentor, and is designed to provide both a seamless transition from the portfolio of introductory templates provided by ICEF Mentor as well as a suite of services for institutions already experienced in international enrolment management.