Working with ICEF Agents


Connect. Recruit. Grow.

Meeting in-person is the best way to advance business relationships with agency partners that you are connected to and collaborate with on Edvisor.

Each year thousands of agents and educators meet at ICEF Events. Educators choose our events because they know the agents they meet there have been vetted and approved by our specialist team. Agencies that pass this vetting process gain ICEF Agency Status (IAS), and these are indicated in Edvisor with the IAS logo next to their agency name.

Why work with IAS agencies?

IAS agencies are reference-checked, vetted and approved by ICEF.

To gain ICEF Agency Status, the agency must:

  • Provide four references from reputable education institutions
  • Provide details of any agency association memberships
  • Submit details of business practices to ICEF for review
  • Pass a vetting call with one of our Agency Relationship Managers

The four education institution references are checked by our team to ensure that they unanimously consider the agency to be professional and productive. In addition to references, we gather data regarding how many students that agent has sent to study abroad.


Meet Edvisor Agents in-person at ICEF Events

Contact us to learn more about upcoming events.