ICEF Coach

A training and development programme that provides you with the tools to get the most out of ICEF events and reach your professional goals.

ICEF Coach helps you get the most out of your ICEF event experience. When you participate in ICEF Coach, you will learn how to articulate your value proposition and how to develop business relationships with agents. By partnering with an experienced industry coach, you will receive support and advice before, during, and after your ICEF event.

ICEF Coach benefits include:

  • One-to-one consultation before the ICEF event
  • On-site training at the event and continuous support throughout
  • Supervision of first-day meetings with immediate feedback
  • Post-event consultation and development of follow-up strategy

ICEF Coach is available at the following events:

  • ICEF Vancouver/ICEF Toronto
  • ICEF Africa
  • ICEF Southeast Asia
  • ICEF Higher Education
  • ICEF Berlin
  • ICEF Miami
  • ICEF Australia New Zealand (ANZA)

Cost: €500


Carroll University , Waukesha, USA

I had the opportunity to participate in the ICEF Coach programme. ICEF Coach eased my fears as a first-time ICEF attendee and as a participant at an institution new to working with agents. I believe that the programme was crucial to our success at ICEF Miami.

Leading up to the event, Birgit (our coach) shared all of her secrets, tips, and best practices via a phone conference, and just prior to the event, we had a meeting with all the coaches to focus on how the speed-dating style meetings would happen, and how to ensure our conversations with agents were successful. During the event, the coaches connected with me every chance they had. They helped me to focus my message and better represent my institution.

The results, so far, are that I am leaving the event with a long list of potential partners and clear expectations on what to do with these important leads. Time will tell how many partnerships and what level of partnership each meeting will produce, but I am certain that our successes will be greater because of my participation in the ICEF Coach Programme.

Video testimonials

Dr. Rick Carter