ICEF Achieve

This comprehensive research and advisory service defines your challenges and finds solutions, including benchmarks with the market and effective growth strategies.

ICEF Achieve is the most comprehensive professional development service in the industry. Delivered in partnership with Barton Carlyle, an experienced and trusted international education consultancy, ICEF Achieve starts by defining the specific challenges your institution faces. We then develop tailored solutions based on industry best practices and our team’s unparalleled market insights, working with you to deliver your objectives. ICEF Achieve helps you succeed in all areas of international student enrolment. This programme can be engaged alongside or as a follow-up to ICEF Mentor, but also operates as a stand-alone service.

ICEF Achieve can deliver:

  • Increased international student enrolments and greater diversity of international students
  • Strategies and targets that align with your resources, capabilities, and vision
  • Analysis of investment needed for initiatives such as off-shore campuses, partnerships, or market entry
  • Approaches to partnering with agents, governments, other institutions, and service providers
  • Assessment and mitigation of the risks involved in delivering an internationalisation strategy

ICEF Achieve can help with:

  • Feasibility analysis for market entry/exit through competition indicators
  • Market testing your new initiatives, programmes, and brand campaigns
  • Developing effective market research and market intelligence capabilities