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ICEF i-graduate Agent Barometer

Since 2007, ICEF has partnered with i-graduate to conduct an annual Agent Barometer survey that aims to discover why students choose specific destination countries and institutions, and what support agents expect from their educator partners. Our survey considers the information education institutions need to market themselves effectively both to students and the agents who represent them.

As a primary source for international student recruitment, our survey asks agents from around the world to provide important insights about the industry. The information gathered helps educators to provide agents and students with better products and support, and sheds light on key aspects of international student recruitment, including:

  • The number of students recruited globally each year, split by destination country and course
  • The factors of most importance to students when choosing a study destination or institution
  • The incentives and support provided to agents by institutions
  • The effective marketing techniques employed by education institutions
  • The services provided to students by agents

These results are analysed by programme and sector, including: high schools, higher education, language courses, vocational education, training programmes, MBA programmes, and work & travel.

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Read all the findings from the ICEF i-graduate Agent Barometer here:

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