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The term “ICEF Agent” signifies a unique standard of professionalism in our industry, refined and developed across more than 25 years of business experience. We pride ourselves on having the strictest, most comprehensive and diligent quality controls for agents who attend our events.

Our commitment to developing agent quality around the world has two facets:

  • ICEF Agent Screening and the ICEF Agency Recognition Programme
  • ICEF Agent Training, including specific Professional Courses and Destination Courses.

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ICEF Agent Quality

ICEF ensures agent quality through stringent quality controls and a wide range of professional development opportunities for agents, including:

ICEF Agent Training

Find out why and how to become a certified ICEF Trained Agent Counsellor. Please choose from the following ICEF Courses. By using the Finder you can easily search for graduates on either a map or list.

ICEF is dedicated to harassment-free events and we expect our attendees to always act in a professional manner. Our Code of Conduct can be found at