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Improving skills and increasing professionalism for international agents

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Why take an ICEF Agent Training Course?

International student recruitment agencies play a vital role in global student mobility. However, the field is very complex and is always changing. High-quality professional development is an excellent way to distinguish your company as deeply committed. Agencies with counsellors who have completed an ICEF training course are recognised by partners and peers as leaders in the industry.

There are two types of ICEF Agent Training Course:

  • Professional courses which provide practical, professional training for agency-based international student recruitment counsellors, testing their knowledge of the industry, key destinations, fundamental skills and daily operations.
  • Destination courses which support the professional development of agents wishing to specialise in a major study destination (Canada, Ireland, and the USA).

What agents say

ICEF is dedicated to harassment-free events and we expect our attendees to always act in a professional manner. Our Code of Conduct can be found at