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CourseFinders helps students find their perfect language school and lists over 2 500 schools in more than 90 countries. Each month 100 000 students use to search for a language course.

77% of people check online reviews before making major purchasing decisions. This proportion is higher among younger people, and for major purchases such as education courses. CourseFinders has more than 260 schools with student reviews and nearly 2 000 recent reviews.

The school profiles with student reviews receive the most student traffic.

Key benefits to schools

  • Generate quality enquiries from potential students
  • Receive student web traffic at a lower cost than Google AdWords
  • Free web tools help you maximize your online marketing

The Students

CourseFinders receives an average of 100 000 unique visitors per month, from 120 countries. Each month, it delivers around 1 000 clicks to school websites and 800 quality student enquiries. In the same period around 5 000 price quotes are made using CoursePricer installed on schools’ CourseFinders profiles.

Our online marketing campaigns bring in students from key recruitment markets in Latin America, Europe and South-East Asia.

Student visitor demographics

How does it work?

Students search for schools by language, destination, course type, qualification, sports, activities or any other keywords. All schools matching the search criteria are shown. Students then browse school profiles, view media, click through to school websites, download brochures and send enquiries.

CourseFinders uses a “pay-as-you-go” model which allows schools to manage budgets very efficiently. Schools add credit to their CourseFinders account, which is then gradually debited as students engage with their profile. (e.g. by sending an enquiry to a school or downloading a brochure).

Schools that best match the search, which have the highest number of student reviews and do not have a zero credit balance are the most visible in the list of results. Schools can respond directly to student enquiries or forward to a local agent or recruiter.


Benefit Price (€)
Click-Through to your website 0.75
Full Student Enquiry 9
Reveal Phone Number (optional) 0.5
Brochure Download (optional) 2.5
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