Sponsorship Packages

Sponsorship Packages

Logo on bag
Customised booth header (where applicable)
Literature display rack21
Presentation ICEF Events except for Berlin, Roadshows and Focus events
(subject to availability)
40 mins
Presentation ICEF Berlin
(subject to availability)
50 mins25 mins25 mins
Bag insert in agent or educator bags
(paper / USB / other)
paper / USB / otherpaper onlypaper only
Advertisement in catalogue
(agent or provider)
page in bothpage in onehalf page in one
ICEF Monitor* advert - (Zone A / month)1
ICEF Monitor* advert - (Zone B / month)121
Recognition as event spnsor
 - Logo on ICEF website
 - Promotion in event emails
 - Logo on event catalogue covers
 - Logo on eSchedule PROs

*To learn more about ICEF Monitor, visit monitor.icef.com and download the Media Kit at icef.com/icef-monitor-media-kit

Sponsorship Prices

Berlin€ 11 000€ 8 000€ 5 000
North America€ 8 250€ 6 000€ 3 750
ANZAAU$ 11 450AU$ 8 950AU$ 4 950
Other€ 6 600€ 4 800€ 3 000
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