18:30- 19:25 | Recruiting to Canada? Don’t miss out on beautiful Montreal as an option!

🎤 Speaker

Véronique Marin, Assistant Director General, Lester Pierson School Board

📝 Description

Congratulations on promoting Canada to your clients! Our country has so much to offer so make sure to include Montreal in those choices. Here is why:

Montreal is known for its diverse and inclusive culture, as well as its affordable cost of living compared to other major cities in North America. Unique in North America, Montreal offers students the chance to study in a bilingual environment which makes it a great choice for language curious students. Montreal’s dynamic and innovative technology sector, as well as its strong economy, offer opportunities for international students to gain valuable work experience and build their careers. Additionally, Montreal’s vibrant arts and cultural scene provide students with a rich and fulfilling student life. The presentation will also highlight the vocational programs that Lester B. Pearson has to offer which allow international students to easily transition to residency after graduation if they wish. Discover why Montréal was ranked the top student city in North America!