18:00 – 19:00 | Strengthening student and institution success with proven technology

Room: Köpenick I-II

Justin Wood, Director – Partner Relations – UK, ApplyBoard
Scott Harper, Vice President – Sales, ApplyBoard

More students than ever are searching to further their education abroad. Students are increasingly driven to continue their journey and the stakes for institutions and destination countries to recruit top talent amidst a highly competitive landscape has never been greater. At the heart of this solution is a combination of technology and support that has student success and quality of student applications at its core.

Hear from Scott Harper, Vice President of Sales at ApplyBoard, and Justin Wood, Director of Partner Relations – UK, as they discuss how technology is already strengthening student success in their journey as it assists them and their trusted advisors as they apply to top schools and receive their visas. And, how at the same time institutions and governments are leveraging this advantage to increase their student and graduate diversity while not compromising on student talent.