18:00 – 18:55 | Community Colleges as a unique option for international students in the U.S.

Presentation followed by a panel discussion

🎤 Panellists

Meagan Walker, Vice President for External Relations & Planning, Cascadia College
Diogo Rodrigues, CEO, YES Intercâmbio
Michele Takahashi, Director of Recruitment, Brazil, Contra Costa Community College District

Dr Joel Pilco (Moderator), Director of Binational and International Programs, Southwestern College – San Diego

📝 Description

This session delves into the often overlooked potential of community colleges as an excellent choice for international students in the United States. We’ll explore the evolving role of community colleges in the higher education landscape and uncover the wide range of academic programs, support services, and campus experiences they offer.

Included in this session is an explanation of the so-called “2 + 2” model, where students can save significantly on costs, benefit from smaller class sizes taught by professors, and build a strong academic foundation before transferring to a university.

What makes the session complete is an overview of the role of community colleges in
– English language proficiency
– High school completion programs
– University admission success
– Academic achievements of students who begin their educational journey at community colleges.