18:00 – 18:50 | Homestay, private apartments, dorms or ‘PBSA’: matching the right student with the right accommodation

Presentation followed by a panel discussion

🎤 Panellists

Adam Lee, CEO, StudentRoomStay
Darren Doughty, Regional Commercial Manager, Unite Students

Martijn van de Veen (moderator), Chief Business Development Officer, ICEF

📝 Description

Every international student is different, each with their own specific needs, expectations, hopes, views, concerns, and personalities. Consequently, each student has their own set of expectations and requirements when it comes to housing, beyond affordability and availability. In this session, we will explore the wide array of student accommodation formats that are currently available, look at future formats, and evaluate which align best with which types of students. In addition, we will assess how student recruitment professionals can assist their students in identifying their most suitable accommodation format, creating an environment that helps them excel during their overseas studies