17:30 – 19:00 | Digital recruitment platforms: A valid alternative for your B2B relationships?

🎤 Speakers

Eddie West – Assistant Dean, International Strategy and Programs, San Diego State University
Dr. Gautham Kolluri – Founder/Managing Director, CIP Study Abroad
Sadiq Basha – CEO, Edvoy
Soni Khanna – Head, Brand and Global Engagement, UniSearch
Ben Waxman – CEO, Intead
Tony Lee – CVO, ICEF
Moderator: Martijn van de Veen – VP Business Development, ICEF

📝 Description

In this multi-panel discussion, we will take a closer look at the rapid rise of digital agent aggregator platforms and the position they are claiming in international student recruitment, from 4 different perspectives.

1. Recruitment professional perspective:
– How do recruitment professionals – educators and agents – look at the rise of aggregator platforms? What are their expectations, experiences, views and estimations?

2. Aggregator perspective:
Aggregator? Master-Agent? AI-powered agent platform? Digital recruitment provider? Tomáto, Tomàto?
In this section we will ask two prominent agent aggregators, who may even challenge this denomination, to provide their definitions and views on the role, position of their recruitment platforms in international education, now and in the future.

Questions may include, but are not limited to:
– What do they think about the term “agent aggregator”, do they identify as one?
– How do they operate, and which technologies are used?
– What is the current business model and is it subject to change in the future?
– How does their platform affect the role of the conventional recruitment agency?
– What is their role and responsibility vis-a-vis the end customer: the student and their family?

3. Marketing professionals perspective:
Interesting to understand are the views of industry professionals who are neither educators nor agents: the view of experienced marketeers on the position of agent aggregators in today’s and tomorrow’s international education industry.

4. Industry perspective:
Live Q&A with an audience of industry professionals