17:30 – 17:55 | International Students as Customers: Understanding their specific accommodation needs


🎤 Speakers

Sarah Canning, Co-Founder & Director, The Property Marketing Strategists
Deenie Lee, Co-Founder & Director, The Property Marketing Strategists

📝 Description

In 2022, The Property Marketing Strategists asked 2,500 young people (domestic and international) living in the UK what they wanted from their home. The data from 16 – 18 year olds, current students and recent graduates was then analysed to produce a cohesive report identifying how investors, developers and operators can create a product for the modern student and beyond.

Whilst the sector is buoyant and demand is outstripping supply in many cities, influencing factors could change this at any moment. With more technology and innovation available to the sector than ever before, we believe it is time to listen to the customer and create memorable homes for them.

The 20+ survey questions centre around five pillars:

We will provide an overview of the results of this fascinating insight including soundbites from some of the participants followed by a conclusion of what these findings mean for student recruitment professionals, and for their role in securing the right accommodation solutions for their international students.