17:30 – 17:55 | ICEF Academy: harnessing e-learning for your professional development

🎤 Speaker

Tiffany Egler, Executive Director Event Management & Agent Relations, ICEF

📝 Description

Investing in professional development not only enhances your skills but also demonstrates a commitment to personal growth, which can set you apart in a crowded and constantly evolving sector. By continuously learning and improving, you can stay ahead of the curve, increase your marketability, and ultimately, achieve greater success in your career.

Building on a twelve-year legacy of agent training, ICEF Academy launched in October 2022 as a new e-learning platform dedicated to raising professional standards in our sector and helping those wishing to develop in their career stand out.

In this session, you’ll learn more about the courses on offer through ICEF Academy, and understand how it can help you differentiate yourself as an expert in your field.

Following a thirteen-year legacy of delivering training courses for agents – including five destination-focused courses and two aimed at developing essential skills as a practising Education Agent, ICEF recently expanded its portfolio with a new offering for Educators: the Working with Education Agents Course (WEAC).

With a combined enrollment of more than 120,000 trainees worldwide, ICEF Academy offers the most authoritative and comprehensive training resources for professionals in our industry