17:00 – 17:55 | Ensuring the well-being of your students: the roles and responsibilities of the recruitment professionals

🎤 Panellists

Keon Saidd, Manager, International Business Development, nib Health Funds
Mathuri Santhi, Key Account Manager, Allianz Partners
Pedro Davisson, Senior Associate Director of International Admissions, Hebron Academy
Eric Jin, Manager of Global Business Development, Niagara College Canada

Vanessa Goulding (Moderator), Business Development Manager, ICEF

📝 Description

In this panel discussion we’ll explore the crucial role and responsibilities of agents and educators in fostering the well-being of their international students, especially in today’s fast-paced and competitive academic environment. Think of topics like mental health awareness programs and how creating a safe environment will increase access to resources and counselling. We’ll also address the need to recognise the different cultural and geographical backgrounds of the international students, and how this requires a tailored, holistic approach towards students’ mental health and well-being by the entire school community.

Altogether the panel aims to provide valuable insights into effective strategies and tools for the promotion of overall student well-being and a positive, inclusive and supportive learning environment.