17:00 – 17:55 | Study in Spain – education, our art

🎤 Speakers

Fernando León, Head Education Department, ICEX Spain Exports and Investment
Gloria Mínguez Ropiñón, Senior Advisor, Directorate-General for the Spanish around the world. Ministry of foreign affairs, EU and Cooperation

📝 Description

More than One Million international students enrolled at Spanish institutions in the 2018-2019 academic year, generating an overall economic impact on the Spanish economy close to 4.000 Millon Euros. Why Spain is a Top Destination for International Student Mobility Programs: Education Excellence, European Education System, Spanish Language, English Language programs, Quality of Living, one of the safest countries in Europe, European Destination, Avant Garde infrastructures, mind openness, culture, etc.. Spain as a business partner with Education Agents and Education System in Spain.