16:30 – 17:25 | International K12 as pathway to international Higher Education

🎤 Speakers

Beth Drake, Vice President, Global Marketing, Amerigo Education
Eric Swanson-Dexel, Director of Boarding, Monte Vista Christian School
Russell Ash, Canadian Executive Director, Red Leaf Canada
Brittany Goodman (moderator), Director, USA, ICEF

📝 Description

The journey to international higher education can take many routes. In the past ten years, an increasing number of students planning their undergraduate studies have chosen to do so through international K12 education.
The benefits for students are manifold, they study in respected institutions, improve their language skills, whilst working towards a structured path that is recognised by most higher education institutions.
For universities, this generates a high number of undergraduate applications. Tapping into a large pool of qualified students, that are prepared for an academic life.

In this session, we aim to explore the roadmaps that lead the student journey from K12 to higher education and the ways K12 institutions support and endorse this journey.